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July 15, 2024

Crafts, etc.

Choosing a gift can be a challenge. Some people may have enough of everything. This year, why not try one of these economical gift ideas that allow your family to express your love in a way that is anything but ordinary?

Children’s Artwork Who doesn’t love the gifts children make? Drawings, paintings or poems all become extra special when presented in an attractive frame. Or, bind several pages together to create a special book of artwork.

Family Calendar Use your computer and digital photos to make a wall calendar. There are many software programs available that make it easy to create your own. Decorate the calendar with pictures of your family. Be sure to include birthdays and anniversaries so to never lose track of the family’s special days.

Keepsake Video Use your camcorder and a blank DVD to make a special video that can be enjoyed over the years. Record the family members singing songs or recounting funny stories of times the family has shared together.

Handprints or Footprints Use your hands or feet to make a memorable gift. The impression of a child’s hand or foot can be pressed into modeling clay to make a wall hanging or quick drying cement to make a garden stepping stone. You can also coat the palm of the child’s hand or the sole of his foot with washable ink or paint. Then stamp the print onto cardstock to create a keepsake suitable for framing.

Personalized Apron or Tote Bag Use fabric paint or iron-on transfers for your inkjet printer to create a personalized apron or tote bag. Plain canvas aprons and tote bags are available at craft stores for only a few dollars each. Decorate them with transfers of family photos or use stencils to paint on your decorations.

Any of these low-cost gift ideas are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. And the best part … they are easy and fun to do!

Nancy Twigg is an author and freelance writer.

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