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July 19, 2024

Halloween Celebrations For the Littles

Celebrate Halloween all weeklong! Need some ideas? We've got you BOO!


With little littles, going door-to-door around your neighborhood, can be tough! Decorate each room, have someone behind the door in each spooky space and the kids can get their candy buckets filled. If you are handing out treats this year, keep hand sanitizer handy for each time you drop some treats, and of course, wear your mask.


Have a little fun and “boo” some friends in your neighborhood! Make some treats bags or buckets with the kids (find ideas on Cincinnati Family’s Pinterest board), and safely drop off a bag of goodies at your neighbor’s doorstep by ringing or knocking and disappearing! Perhaps the kids might even get a surprise at their doorstep in return.

Head to a Local Pumpkin Patch

Research events before you go and plan ahead (gather outfits, pack snacks, schedule around nap time and tell the kids to up the excitement!) Dress up in your Halloween-costume-best and pick out some pumpkins and even check out some sweet treats the farm offers to really spice up your day. Here are great farm events, most of them happening through October 31!

Throw the Best. Party. Ever.

You can throw the best at-home party this year minus the expenses. Let’s get real, parenting during the pandemic is hard enough, so choose two or three simple activities and keep to your budget. We are all under some financial constraints right now, so less is better! Shop Amazon for some simple, spooky Halloween banners, black and orange balloons and Halloween baggies for the kids. Fill up the bags with a mix of candy and healthy treats they can eat with their lunch the following week. For smaller kiddos, opt for less scary decor. Painting pumpkins is a great way to get the kids involved, plus they make a great Halloween decoration. Stock up on washable paint and Halloween-themed stickers and take it away. Don’t forget the Kids Bop Halloween Party mix on Spotify and host a dance party to top off the night. Plus, check out our fun, fall crafts that are easy for everyone!

Halloween Countdown

Kids love counting down to the last day of school, their birthday, and any favorite celebration, really. Grab a cheap sticker chart from Target and have the kids add a sticker up until the big day. If you want to make it more intriguing, hand a piece of candy out every 5 – 10 days, but the countdown is exciting all in itself.

Miniature Hayride

The little kids will love this one. Grab a bale of hay from your local craft store ((Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby), and fill up the little red wagon. If you have some spare space in the backyard, lay out some pumpkins for the kids to choose from, take the kids on a “hayride,” choose your pumpkins and carve paint away! If you live in a small space, simply pull your little ones around the neighborhood in your homemade hayride and wave to the neighbors.

Halloween At-Home Costumes

The kids will love making their own costumes at home with materials you already have lying around. Think Superhero, Sweet Treats, Star Wars or Disney Characters. Next, post your photos up on social media and host a costume contest!

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