3202 Eden Ave., Cincinnati, OH
University of Cincinnati Speech and Hearing Clinic

The University of Cincinnati Speech and Hearing Clinic provides a range of summer programs for children 10 months through 18 years of age. Our early childhood programs are designed to enhance the development of all children in the areas of language development, literacy, and picky eating. Baby Talk is an evidence-based program for infants and caregivers to enhance language learning skills and Picky Eaters focuses on strategies to improve taste and texture acceptance. Our most popular program, the Language and Literacy Enhancement Group (preschoolers) promotes early literacy and language skills in a group program.

For individuals of all ages with speech and language delays, we also offer specialized therapy programs. These range from once a week sessions to intensive, five-day a week programs. Our ultrasound program is nationally known for providing a unique biofeedback intervention for children with persistent speech disorders

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