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Saint Ursula Academy

Saint Ursula Academy is Committed to Building a Better World, One Girl at a Time. Choosing Saint Ursula Academy is choosing so much more than a high school. A girl who chooses Saint Ursula is joining a welcoming and supportive community where she can learn and grow in academically, socially and spiritually.

She is choosing a complete whole-person education approach. Saint Ursula not only cares how girls progress in the classroom, but who they become as people. Each student learns to be a confident young woman; someone who is a difference maker.

She is choosing a school filled with caring and experienced educators and staff who are dedicated to helping her succeed in her own way. SUA is known for academic excellence and is experienced in educating each girl in the ways she learns best.

She is choosing a family where she will make friends and grow in confidence. She will new things and assume leadership roles. In the all-girls environment, every opportunity to lead is filled by a girl. Whatever her role, she will become comfortable in the role of leadership, and confident she belongs there.

“We know girls learn differently, and we offer instruction and programming to capitalize on their unique learning styles,” said Dr. Mari Thomas, Saint Ursula Academy Principal. “We believe this gives our students an edge.”

A few examples of the programming that sets Saint Ursula Academy apart include:

  • SUA hosts an annual Student Leadership Academy with guests who work with the girls on recognizing their own gifts and talents and who show them examples of leadership in action, including their path to success.
  • SUA partners with colleges and universities, like the University of Cincinnati, for advanced STEM and College Credit Plus courses to encourage students to pursue careers where women are emerging as leaders.
  • Saint Ursula matches students with alumnae mentors in their fields of interest.
  • Block scheduling allows students to take more electives and/or advanced courses in their areas of interest.
  • Saint Ursula provides academic and social-emotional support for students through clubs, Counseling Department programming and staff, the Hope Squad, guest speakers for parents, tutoring programs, and so much more!

“Our girls work hard and invest in themselves. We see such growth in confidence, study skills, and the ability to problem solve,” Dr. Thomas said. “Every student leaves a better version of herself than when she came in.” The Catholic high school experience is anchored by the unique 10-acre multi-building campus with state-of-the-art facilities that offers a collegiate feel. Students navigate their classes in various buildings across campus, much like in an actual college setting. However, students are still in a highly supervised, protected environment.

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