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Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle Pieces was born out of the desire to establish something that wasn't available when my son was diagnosed with Autism 5 years ago. Roman is a twin and his sister was not affected. I wanted a place to find all things that we needed in one spot, in an environment that was comfortable for him. I was astounded that none existed. Being a full time police officer at the time, I never dreamed it would be me that would fill this void. I am more than happy to say that it is, and I haven't looked back. Meeting and helping families that are just like mine is my whole why.

We offer a warm and inviting environment where kids and parents alike can come and try items out, see what works and which ones they aren't really interested in BEFORE they purchase and find out they don't like them. Online ordering can be great at times, but when you aren't sure what to buy, walking in and seeing the product first hand in a friendly and fun environment can make all the difference! Have a child that is nonverbal like my Roman? Coming to a store where they can show you what they like by either playing with it or pointing it out is priceless.

We also have gifts and toys because it can be difficult as a family member or friend of someone on the spectrum or with special needs to find the right gift...or any at all sometimes!

Our showroom also boasts a sensory room where kids can play and see items set up. Parents can also be given ideas on how to do things at home on a smaller and less expensive scale then offered elsewhere. We also offer a complimentary consultation discount for schools and therapist wanting to incorporate a sensory room.

We are also an approved provider with the Board of Developmental Delays and that means you can use your Family Support Services money here. Its as simple as walking in or contacting us for a quote to be sent to you and turning that in with your verification of need form. Not sure what all that means? Come in and let us help you today.

Please see our in-store bulletin board for more information and dates, or our facebook page at Puzzlepiecesllc for information on upcoming informational get togethers.
Follow us to see all the exciting events and so that you don't miss out!

We look forward to meeting your family soon.

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