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Hi! My name is Beth Stoughton. I'm a professional mural artist located in Cincinnati, Ohio. When I was five years old, I asked my mom if I could color on my bedroom wall. To my mistake, I thought she agreed, so I grabbed my crayons and got started on my masterpiece. Flash forward to over thirty years later and I now run my own mural business. I get to paint masterpieces every day! Prior to starting my business, I was a professional graphic designer for twelve years. Art and design are my true passion. Nothing gives me more joy than transforming spaces with my own creativity. Watching clients light up from the sight of my murals is incredibly rewarding. I have painted beautiful murals for many residential and commercial spaces around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. It's very important for someone to hire a mural artist that understands design elements along with having the skill to be able to create beautiful pieces of art. With my background in graphic design, it allows me to work in a variety of styles. The options are truly endless in what I can create for your space. I have transformed many nurseries, bedrooms, dining rooms, outdoor patios, and basement spaces. I have also painted murals for restaurants, dental offices, daycares, and dance studios, to name a few. Modern-Murals LLC is a small, local business. My company is both licensed and insured.

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