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Code Ninjas, Green Township

We offer an immersive environment for children aged 5-14 to explore technology, develop new skills, and have a great time with friends. Guided by our team of Code Sensei's and Studio Directors, kids can utilize critical thinking and team-building all while flexing their creative muscles. This studio is locally owned and operated by two moms who are passionate about teaching kids to use the technology they love to CREATE vs. CONSUME.

We have a variety of tech-loving topics. If you want to fuel your gamer's creativity, we have Intro and Next Level Roblox Development, Minecraft® Modding, Moviemaking in Minecraft®, and Code your own Minecraft® Robot. If coding video games is what your child is into, this lineup is for them; Adventures in Game Design, Code Your own Arcade, and Program and Play in Python. Looking to develop STEM skills? We have Lego® Robotics and Makers with Microcontrollers. We also have specialized camps that will get the creative juices flowing. Your child can learn to compose with code, create stop-motion animation videos, and learn what it takes to become a YouTuber.

Our half-day camps run from either 8:30 am - 12:00 pm or 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm. If you book a full day of camps, your child can stay in our dojo for the hour in between for no additional charge.

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