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  • Phone: 800-968-4332
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  • Camp Length: Full Day
  • Age Range: 5 - 9 years, 10 - 18 years

2023 Camp Invention Inspires Kids to Explore Summer STEM Fun with new program, Wonder!

For more than three decades, Camp Invention® has developed confidence and problem-solving skills in young innovators through authentic, hands-on STEM activities.

For 2023, the Wonder curriculum features exclusive video content encouraging children to be confident in their ideas and explore their ability to innovate. These hands-on modules include:

  • Catching Air™: Taking a confidence-building ride through physics, engineering and art, children design and build their own skate park. Throughout the week, they gain momentum and build perseverance by taking on ramps and other features with their mini skateboards and practicing tricks of creativity and invention.
  • Invention Celebration™: Campers take on the role of event planners as they throw a party celebrating creativity and innovation! They invent a Party Assistant to help with their plans, explore the science of color with bubble art banners and experiment with sound vibrations as they make their own musical instrument.
  • MimicBot™: Children show their unique style when they transform a robot that mimics sounds into a one-of-a-kind animatronic stuffie. They explore biomimicry, genetics and adaptive creativity, and they learn how to use both inspiration from nature and the power of intellectual property to protect their creation from the idea-stealing Copy Cat.
  • Pop-Up Venture™: Big ideas pop up as children design their own mini pop-up business! Building their entrepreneurship skills, campers learn how to make strong financial decisions as they use their startup funds. Then they develop creative marketing strategies to attract customers and achieve their business goals.

Locations throughout the Cincinnati area. Ages 5 – 12 (entering K – 6).

Local programs are facilitated and taught by certified local educators. Annually, Camp Invention programs benefit more than 130,000 children and partner with 1,800 schools and districts across the nation. Educators and school districts can partner with Camp Invention in 2023 by visiting

Register using LOCAL25 by 3/30/2023 to save $25 off or LOCAL15 by 5/17/2023 to save $15 off the registration fee.

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