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Blue Marble Books

Blue Marble Books has been the NKY/Cincinnati area indie children’s bookstore for over forty years. Tina Moore, a Filipina immigrant, came to the United States and started Blue Marble Books in 1979 with her husband Peter Moore.

Their mission was to keep the magic of books alive in the world of ever-growing technology. Tina wanted to make sure that books, and toys that didn’t require any batteries, were still a part of the learning journey of the children in her community.

She built up connections with children’s authors and illustrators, making some life-long friendships with some of the biggest names in children’s literature. She helped schools by inviting authors and illustrators to speak to their students. She even would invite them to the store to visit the Great Green Room. She connected with her customers by remembering names, faces, and books they enjoyed.

Reading was important for every child in the Moore household. Tina and Peter read to their children for 2 hours every night. Their community's literacy was just as important as their own. This is a core moral that Peter, and all of the staff members at Blue Marble Books, carry on today.

Tina passed away in December of 2016, but the roots she planted are still strong. It can never be the same without her, but we carry on her legacy through our actions: the best way to get things done is together with community! Tina proved this with every breath she took, and we are so proud of her legacy.

We work closely with schools, welcome illustrators and authors, host events both in person and virtually, and connect with every customer that walks in through our door. Amazon doesn’t know our community like we do, so consider supporting your local indie bookstore!

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