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  • Camp Length: Full Day, Half Day
  • Age Range: 5 - 9 years, 10 - 18 years

Let’s Make Some Noise!

Band in a Bus is a scrappy network of music teachers, musicians and volunteers making music class possible for students across the Greater Cincinnati region.

The band was founded in 2019 as a response to declining access to essential performing arts programming facing students in our public schools.

From jam sessions on Home Depot buckets, rock band programs featuring guitars, keyboards and kazoos, or cracking the codes to the latest music making software--everyday the band proves that you can build profound & sustainable performing arts experiences for under-resourced students with minimal gear and a positive attitude.

We find that music plays a big part inside, and outside of the band room. On average students who participate in music related programs score higher on standardized tests and develop positive social emotional skills that can point them towards a more creative future.

That’s why every Band in a Bus experience has 6 themes at its core:

1. Personable
Walk-ins are always welcome. Everyone can play a part in the community—especially if it’s more cowbell!

2. Playfully Curious
Have you ever heard this sound? Music can be heard in everyday things. The more sonically aware we become, the more we can connect our world through the performing arts.

3. Encouraging
Uke can do it! No force is stronger than letting someone know you believe in them. Sincere kindness propels the community forward.

4. Delightfully Simple
It’s not rocket science. But there’s a lot of ground to cover. The experiences we provide will be succinct, informative and give clientele the feeling of taking a small, positive step forward with every class.

5. Homemade
Built by the community for the community. We want every class to feel well-informed but relative to the community we are working with.

6. Relatable
Whether destined for the stage or just to play for fun, the topics we’ll cover will appeal to the widest audience we can, within reason.

By providing musical instruments, performing arts curriculum, and staffing--we hope to offer a hip, modernized band classroom experience that will bridge the performing arts gap facing youth in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region.

Band In A Bus currently provides programming for over 2000 students across 32 schools involving general music and digital media production. Next semester can be even louder--with a little help from our friends!

Band in a Bus operates on a shoestring budget, but in the past 3 years has managed to provide quality music programs and instruments to 80 public schools--reaching 10,846 students in the Greater Cincinnati region since our founding.

And we're just getting started!

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