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Camp Art Academy, Art Academy of Cincinnati

Camp Art Academy offers kids ages 5 - 12 six unique weeks of art camp programs! Balancing technical instruction with freedom of self-expression, the curriculum includes fundamental visual art skill building activities, two and three dimensional hands-on experiences, top-notch guest artists and creative problem solving with lots of fun! Camps are held at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Week 1: Color Outside the Lines

June 8-12

Step outside the box and into the thrilling world of contemporary art!  While discovering exciting ideas, new bold colors, and unusual materials Campers will explore line, shape, pattern, and symbols. From painting to collage, and printmaking to found-object sculpture, campers will be encouraged to color outside the lines while engaging with the art from Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, and Pablo Picasso.

Week 2: Call of the Wild

June 15-19

Nature is calling! Join us for a week full of wild adventures and artistic exploration of the great outdoors. Campers will use imaginative materials to create riveting landscapes, and outrageous animal portraits while exploring the wildlife from all over the world. Campers will engage with famous nature artists such as Georgia O’Keefe, Claude Monet, and John James Audubon.

Week 3: Once Upon a Time…

June 22-26

Once upon a time…Camp Art Academy students jumped into the creative world of fairytales! This week is all about the joys of reading, jam-packed with their favorite stories ranging from fairytales, to myths, to tall tales. Campers will learn a variety of mediums by creating their own story and bringing their favorite characters to life in an ultimate fantasy. Their work will be guided by the inspiration of authors like Roald Dahl, Dr. Seuss, and Shel Silverstein.

OFF WEEK: June 29 to July 3

Week 4: Indigenous Cultures

July 6-10

Discover the art and culture of Indigenous peoples from Ohio, America, and around the world! Campers will unearth ancient artifacts and contemporary artists that will inspire their own creations. Through beading and weaving, pottery and totems, painting and printmaking, our young artists will explore the ways peoples have conveyed their creativity, and express their own roots and rich cultural identities. Campers will observe the pottery of native Hopewell tribes, Incan and Aztec architecture, and the mesmerizing line-work of the Maori, to the contemporary paintings and sculptures of artists like Kay Walkingstick and Joe Feddersen.

Week 5: Under the Sea!

July 13-17

Dive in and make a splash with art! This week is all about our oceans and seas as we take our inspiration from aquatic animals and worlds underwater. Students will learn about the ocean’s eco-system and exotic underwater animals through a variety of mediums. Learn about the life-size whale murals by Robert Whyland, underwater sculptures by Angela Haseltine Pozzi, and clean water activists and artist.

Week 6: Super Heroes & Super Villains

July 20-24

Back by popular demand! Campers will bring their stories to life through exploring character development, creating their own super heroes and super villains, and learn about comic book layout and drawing techniques. Our morning sessions focus on illustration techniques like transfer/copy, storyboarding, perspective, shading, and even drawing from costumed models. Afternoons add a 3-D element to characters with mobiles, sculptures, dioramas, and optical illusion.

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