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Seven Hills School

Seven Hills is a co-ed school for students from pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds through grade 12. At its core, Seven Hills celebrates human complexity. We love that we’re all different. In our diverse, inclusive community, we learn to approach each other with open minds and compassionate hearts. We learn that each of us has unique potential and we celebrate each person’s own pathway to purpose.

Our Seven Hills Method is designed to foster the skills our graduates will need to excel in the 21st century workplace. Guided and supported by their teachers, students learn to work together in project teams, conduct extended investigations of complex, compelling questions, and present their conclusions, in a variety of ways, to audiences large and small. 

Above all, Seven Hills students are compassionate and empathetic young people committed to using their talents to improve the world around them.

Teachers are the difference.
Trained in some of the nation’s best universities and recruited from all over the country, Seven Hills’ teachers are experts not only in their subjects and grade levels, but in connecting with children and young people. They are committed to developing inspiring learning experiences that fuel and excite students.

Seven Hills teachers design learning experiences that enable students to acquire and hone skills to think critically and creatively, pursue their interests, collaborate with classmates and teachers, and explore the world around them. In an environment that encourages students to take risks and stretch beyond their sphere of mastered skills, students gain more from their time at Seven Hills — supported along the way by their classmates and teachers.

Affordable, Flexible Tuition
Seven Hills is committed to providing access to as many students as possible. As part of the Affordability Initiative, the school offers two important options: The Flexible Tuition Program and Seven Hills Scholar Awards, both designed to provide families from many walks of life the advantage of a Seven Hills education. Approximately 39% of the Seven Hills student body participates in the Flexible Tuition program. 

Middle School
The faculty and staff of the Seven Hills Middle School have designed a comprehensive program to meet the unique academic, social, and emotional needs of students this age. Guided by the educational philosophy that Middle Schoolers thrive best in environments designed just for them, our students learn and grow in dedicated spaces we call “communities within a community” in the newly remodel and renovated Seven Hills Middle School.

Academic Excellence
The Seven Hills School is ranked by Niche.com as 2022 #1 Best Private K-12 School and 2022 #1 Best Private College Prep High School in the Greater Cincinnati area. Seven Hills teachers, at every grade level, provide unique learning opportunities, that lead to academic achievement and personal wellbeing for students.

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