Susan Day

Susan Day is editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine and a mother of four.

Education: Preschool Prep

Your little one’s formal academic launching is all about preparation, and preschools vary on what they expect of incoming children.

Family Togetherness

Don’t let summer slip by without doing something together as a family … together! It’s good for you.

Eye Exams Matter

Little bodies change at a dizzying rate when kids are growing and their eyes are no exception.

Endless Summer

There’s only one way to kick this summer slump in the butt …

Birthdays: What’s Hot, What’s Not

OK, I may be a birthday purist, but I’ve seen moms and dads drop hundreds on big birthday bashes that found kids in tears before the end.

Mysterious Preeclampsia

Beloved Downton Abbey character Sybil Crawley died in childbirth. Her long-time family doctor (Dr. Clarkson) insisted that Sybil was “preeclamptic” and needed an emergency C-section. Fancy city doctor Sir Phillip — whom the Crawleys had brought in to help provide “the best of care” — insisted Sybil was fine.   The baby was born, but… Read more »

10 Tips in the Kitchen

10 Tips to Speed Up Kitchen Time by Handy Hannah   You don’t have the time to spend hours on end in your kitchen (as much as you might like to!), so a little streamlining is in order. I love time savers wherever I can find them … it means … eventually … more time… Read more »

Growing a Family Garden

This spring, turn your children into little gardeners. It’s surprisingly satisfying for all — not to mention the bounty you’ll get from a family garden!

Raising an Original Kid

Highly creative children come from parents who place values above rules. Here are some tips to help you raise an original kid.

Crush that Texting Addiction

It’s 10 p.m. and your daughter’s gone to bed … only, has she? As parents struggle to manage compulsion for their own devices, kids are struggling, too.

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