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April 23, 2024

Mom Report: Take Me Out to the Y’alls Game!

Family Sundays are fun for all at Thomas More Stadium with the Florence Y'alls!

After our fun experience during Family Sunday at Thomas More Stadium, my kids are going to be singing “Take me out to the Y’alls game!” all summer long. We recently hit the road and headed south for our very first Florence Y’alls game. My sons Dominic (10) and Luca (8) were super excited to explore the stadium and take in a game. 

Every Seat is a Winner!

The Florence Y’alls play in the Frontier League, but all of the fun happening within the stadium is MAJOR! Tickets start at only $11 in advance, but every seat in the ballpark has an up-close view of the game action. When we first got to our seats in section 112, the pitcher started warming up. My boys and I looked at each other in awe when we first heard the loud smack of a 90-mph ball hitting the catcher’s glove. If we really wanted to, and the players were willing- we could have told knock-knock jokes with the team… that’s how close you are to the field at a Y’alls game. Been there done that tip- got a glove lying around at home? Bringing it with you may help you catch a foul ball at the game.

Fun for Little Y’allers

If your little ones are wiggly and can’t wait until the 7th inning stretch to move around, the Kids Zone is perfect for little Y’allers. Recreations Outlet has the area stocked with several playsets, basketball hoops, a bouncy inflatable and a giant inflatable Y’alls slide (*An inflatable pass is usually $5 per child but is FREE on Family Sunday!*). There is plenty to do and the line to wait is never too long. Oftentimes the friendly team mascot, Y’all Star, can be found in the Kids Zone making new friends and taking photos.


Ballpark food = the best food!

All that playing is sure to work up your kids’ appetite! There are plenty of typical ballpark food options like hot dogs at the stadium. On our visit, we settled on some Snappy pizzas, Icee’s… we even got some soft serve, too. YOLO!  


Never a dull moment!

With the actual game being played plus all of the other fun stuff happening, there was never a dull moment during our Y’alls adventure. It may sound a bit trivial, but something that kept my boys entertained throughout the entire game was the music played in between innings and all of the funny sound bites played. My boys’ ears would perk up and they’d try to recognize where a sound was from- they would excitedly say “It’s SpongeBob!”, or “This is from Sonic!”. The toilet flushing for outs was also a big hit.  Another way the Y’alls kept fans entertained was fun contests and giveaways throughout the game. Beautiful bouquets were given out to two fans, one fan got a gift card, there were dizzy bat races, school groups singing and even a golf competition in the outfield! 


Family Sunday Fun!

We visited the Y’alls on a Family Sunday- so there were extra fun opportunities for the kiddos. First… Kids 12 and younger get into the ballpark for FREE on Family Sundays! Inflatables are also FREE on Family Sundays. Plus, after the game, kids get to run the bases AND get autographs from some of the Y’alls players. My boys were excited and nervous to get their foul ball signed by the players- and just about the whole team stuck around to sign things and interact with fans. The players were all very friendly and nice to my kiddos, even when my boys were too nervous to practice the art of conversation. 

Player: “What’s up, buddy?”

Luca: “Good.”

Ah yes, that is my awkward offspring right there. We all had a good laugh. Luca was clearly anticipating the question “How are you doing?”, which many players politely had asked… but this player had thrown him a curveball. 

But wait, there’s more!

Family Sunday is an awesome time to visit Thomas More Stadium, but the Y’alls have also come up with some really cool promotions for 2022. 


Overall, my boys and I had a really great time during our first trip to Thomas More Stadium for a Florence Y’alls game. We will definitely add this to our summer fun rotation, and you should, too!


TL/DR:  a day at Thomas More ballpark is a fun and family-friendly outing that is well worth the drive. The cost is low (and even lower on Family Sunday!), parking is free and even the merch is reasonably priced (I got my husband a cool raglan Y’alls tee for only $16). There is a TON of entertainment throughout the game, and kids will love the activities available in the Kids Zone. 10/10 fun.


The Florence Y’alls play at Thomas More Stadium, located at 7950 Freedom Way in Florence, Ky.

Learn more at or give 859-594-4487 a call.

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Amanda Ciani lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and their three terrific sons. She enjoys writing haiku parenting poems for her Instagram account (@cinciciani), and Twitter account (@haikuciani).