Ready for Kindergarten?

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Kindergarten is the first formal setting for academic work and many kids who know the alphabet and the letter sounds have a head start. Is your child ready to go?

With kindergarten just around the bend, here’s a handy kindergarten check list for you to access “where your child is at” before her first day.

  • Count from one to 10 or higher
  • Identify letters of the alphabet and know their sounds
  • Name parts of the body
  • Distinguish between left and right
  • Demonstrate an ability for small motor skills like holding a pencil or a pair of scissors correctly
  • Demonstrate an ability for following directions, including multiple-step directions
  • Show an understanding of stories
  • Demonstrate clarity of speech
  • Demonstrate an increasing vocabulary
  • Demonstrate the ability to tell a story in sequence

Behaviorally speaking, these are other areas you’ll want to check for:

  • Enthusiasm toward learning. Is she eager to explore and discover? Is she comfortable asking questions? Does she persist even when a task is difficult?
  • Does she communicate her needs? Express her feelings appropriately?
  • Ability to listen. Can she follow simple instructions? Is she able to listen to an entire story without interrupting?
  • Desire to be independent. Does she separate from parents for the school day? Is she starting to take responsibility for her personal belongings? Can she follow simple two-step tasks? Can she use the bathroom by herself?
  • Ability to interact with children and adults. Is she able to share, compromise, take turns and problem-solve?
  • Strong fine-motor skills. Is she able to hold and use a pencil? Cut with scissors? Is she learning to write her name?
  • Basic letter and number awareness. Can she sing and recite the alphabet and recognize some letters? Can she count to 10 and identify numbers one to five?


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