Pretty Up Pickle Jars with Burlap

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Don’t throw away the pickle jars! You can use jars of any size for this kind of craft.

What You Need
Pickle jar
Burlap ribbon or Tulle
Hot glue
Floral wire

What You Do

  1. Clean out the jar and let it dry.
  2. Wrap a piece of burlap ribbon around the jar and cut the amount that you need and then hot glue it in place. I added another layer of lace ribbon from a smaller width around the center of the first band of burlap ribbon.
  3. Take another piece of burlap ribbon and a piece of floral wire to make a burlap flower. Take the floral wire and start weaving it in and out of the burlap ribbon near the bottom of it. You do this in a zig-zag motion.
  4. After getting all that you want of the burlap ribbon onto the piece of floral wire, scrunch it up together by pushing the burlap ribbon down the wire.
  5. Once that is done, start from one end and start rolling the ribbon into a spiral. Once you finish, take the end of the wire and push it in and out of the burlap ribbon to connect the end to the finished flower.
  6. Then hot glue the flower in place.

You can alternate using burlap ribbon with tulle as the floral wire is easy to push through both of those. It’s easy enough that my 7-year-old could make the flower. I assisted with the hot glue as you all should!
After you do that, your finished product can be used for a variety of things … like a cookie jar, snack jar, candy jar, etc. Makes for a great gift!

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