Muffin Puff Hearts

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This is an edible craft that the kids will LOVE to try out. It does require a cake pop maker, though. So, if you have one, this is the thing for you! Parents, you will want to do the making of the muffin puffs.

What You’ll Need
Cake pop maker
Muffin mix
White melting chocolate
Two forks

What You’ll Do

  1. Mix the muffin mix following package instructions. With your cake pop maker, make all the puffs you can with the batter. My cake pop maker has the shape of a heart. So, it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. Once you’ve made all you want, allow them to cool.
  2. Melt your white chocolate in a bowl following package instructions. Use two forks to dip the hearts in. I use two because it helps to pick them up. I use forks because the excess chocolate can fall back into the bowl easier.
  3. Set the chocolate covered muffin puffs on a piece of wax paper. Allow the kids to top them with sprinkles and allow to dry. The chocolate will stiffen.
  4. Arrange them on a plate for your sweetie to enjoy. This works just fine with regular cake pop makers, too. I love using the muffin mix to get different flavors.



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