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                  My husband and I have enjoyed hiking since before we were married. The business of life and small kids makes it harder to drive to Alaska and hike (yes, we did that for our honeymoon!), but that does not mean there are not great local spots to hike! Recently a friend suggested we check out Redbird Hollow, a lesser-known treasure, off Route 50 on the edge of Indian Hill and Terrace Park. I was excited to check out something new as well spend some time catching up with a friend.

                  Redbird Hollow is a relatively flat three-mile roundtrip hike on a gravel path. You can begin off of Route 50 or start from Stephan Park in Indian Hill near Given Road. If you start from Route 50, keep in mind there are no restrooms, but Stephan Park does have restroom facilities and a playground. The trail is heavily shaded and parallels a large creek. When we walked the creek was very dry, but after a good rain, I am sure that the water is beautiful. Though the trail was not crowded, it certainly was not vacant. It is always comforting to know that in case of emergency there are other people who could help. The walk was perfect for my 3-year old since it was flat and shaded. She enjoyed going off the main path a bit and down by the creek where she skipped (more like tossed) some stones. She also enjoyed seeing a little road en route to some water.

                  I can only imagine how pretty Redbird Hollow is in the fall and after a heavy rain. If looking for a family friendly hike that creates the feel of being away but that is not far at all, then this is the hike for you. Just remember to drink lots of water and wear sun and bug protection!

Susie Dyson lives in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati with her husband and two toddlers. She formerly taught High School but now enjoys adventuring around town with her two little ones in tow and always is trying to find a deal or coupon. Also, you can usually spot her drinking coffee.

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