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The only way to get everything done on my plate each day is to hit the fast-forward button. And I do. Boy, do I.

I’m just now getting up to speed … life in the mom lane is returning to me … at first it was slooooowwwwly but now it’s full throttle. During the summer when all of the scheduling falls away and my kids’ sports take a bit of a break (we do club soccer and ice hockey), I get to slow waaaay down, take it easy, even READ some. But with the school year launched I realize my modus operandi — the ONLY way to get everything done — is with SPEED! I can’t get anything done if I’m slow and so it goes like this:

My alarm goes off at 5 a.m. and I slap the snooze button fast. For the next forty minutes I hit the snooze button quickly and repeatedly until I’m finally bounding out of bed — fast. I brush my teeth fast. I walk to the kitchen fast and turn on the coffee fast. I light my kitchen candle — that’s the only thing I do slowly — then I take out the dogs, quickly come back in and head to the pantry and fridge for lunch stuff to start packing lunches — fast. By the time the first child is downstairs I’m on a roll, cutting apples, pouring OJ, scrambling eggs — Susie’s Diner is in full swing! Kids start arriving, the sun’s beating down fast now and whoah! It’s time to head off to school. I’d go fast in my car except for the Brentwood police crawling everywhere in the morning — you’ve got to be careful, but I’d like to go fast. I’d like to go fast because I need to get back home quickly for a fast shower and in order to coax my hairdryer to work faster, slurp more coffee, find my keys, take another child to school then head off to work … fast.

Are you quickly growing tired of my theme? Me too.

So I’m grateful for things like red lights where I literally have to stop. And things like traffic delays on the highway i.e., life intervening so my crazy human self is forced to settle for longer than a second.

Now I’m here … typing fast … because writing keeps me sane while in the corners of my mind I contemplate the hours after work later on … A football game, soccer practice, need to shop for my daughter heading off to WKU on Sunday … cook dinner … heck, buy dinner!


Looking forward to the fall and winter … and my slow cooker. That will help me with dinner hour … and the need to get something on the table …


Just another day of life in the mom lane.


Susan Day is editor-in-chief of Cincinnati Family Magazine and a mother of four.

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