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Nap-Time Pals


They are cute, cuddly and cushy … they are Happy Nappers! These adorable plush pillows are shaped like the home of its inhabitant and then transform into a 21-inch tall plush of that animal in a snap. Pictured here is the Palace to Unicorn. There is even a door bell for you to ring before… Read more »

The STRAW-lution to the Problem


Messy, on-the-go snack problems solved with The Straw-lution. The situation:“Mom, I’m thirsty!”Mom hands child drink.“Mom, I dropped my straw!”Mom … looks for another straw? The solution:Stop that silly game right in its tracks with The Straw-lution – an innovative way to keep a straw in your child’s cup where it belongs. The Straw-lution Straws come… Read more »

Keep-A-Dose … Close!


Administering medicine to your child is sometimes difficult. So, we don’t need it to be any harder on us parents because we can’t find the dosage spoon, dropper or cup. I was excited to see this product pop up and I think every parent should have one. The Keep-A-Dose Medicine Dispenser Holder comes with a… Read more »

Simply Sweet AND Allergen Free!


Looking for something sweet for Easter? But, what if your child has allergies? Well, there are these super addictive, very tasty gourmet jelly beans that you just have to try. I’m telling you, there is no way you can eat just one. Gimbal’s Fine Candies gourmet jelly beans – in an assortment of flavors –… Read more »

Talking Easter Eggs


A fun new way for youngsters to hunt for their Easter eggs has hit the shelves.   The Jojo Electronic Easter Egg Hunt, derived from the award-winning Jojo and Friends preschool toy line, has four different eggs that interact with the egg seekers. Simply press the on/off button once to set the egg to talk… Read more »

Cool Clips


Ladybugs and Lullabies’s adorable girly, girl clips and snaps hair accessories are great for every occasion. A wonderful thing about the ones made out of the alligator clips is that they have rubber stoppers on them to keep them from sliding out of your little girl’s hair – which almost always happens with those of… Read more »

Growin’ Up Yummy Fun!


Want to get your kids excited about vegetables? Growums provides just the opportunity. Packed full of fun, Growums comes with cocoa pellets, seeds and vegetable identifier tags in six different kits: Herb Garden, Pizza Garden, Salad Garden, Stir-fry Garden, Taco Garden and Ratatouille Garden. Not only that, but if you go online to their website… Read more »

Say Cheese!


Capture those cute baby smiles while you can. But, we are sure you have now realized that taking pictures of your precious little one can be very challenging. I know that my 8-month-old is so easily distracted when I am taking his picture. Oh, what are we to do? He will not look at the… Read more »

Car Rides Just Got Quieter


Do you constantly hear “Mommy, I dropped my toy!”? Want to end that game? Then join me in the fight for parents to regain control of the car ride and the constant begging of the children to grab their toy with Kiddie Catch-All. I stopped the endless car game my 4-year-old has started with one,… Read more »

Proudly Displaying


Looking for a different way to display the cards you have received? What about those precious drawings your little one has done for you? Photogator is just the thing for you. This durable, light-weight stand has three different slots in it – two curved and one straight – that allow you to stand your card… Read more »

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