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Things We Like: Get Prepared for Pre – K


Sending your child off into the world can be nerve wrecking! Will they make friends? Will they miss me? Will they eat all of their lunch?! There are so many questions. But they (and you!) will do great! Send your kiddo to school with confidence. Check out these items to help ease the pre –… Read more »

Mom Report: Cincinnati Park’s Preschool Series


The fall preschool series, Adventures Under Glass at the Krohn Conservatory, consists of three parts to fit their natural theme, “Colors in Nature,” every Monday: September 10, 17 and 24. The themes are, A Green World Around Me, Brown All Around and Glorious Red. All of the little ones, 3-and-a-half – 5 years, could wear… Read more »

Preschool Prep


A typical preschool day for Katelynn includes circle time with her classmates, songs, stories, and games in the “Muscle Room” (aka, gym).    “It’s not super structured,” says mom Casey. “It’s more play-based.”    All those fun activities have a purpose, however. A game played with dice, for example, is actually designed to introduce young… Read more »

Much Ado About Nature


There’s much ado about nature this month at Cincinnati Nature Center at Rowe Woods (4949 Tealtown Road, Milford) this month!  First up is Preparing for Night, a two-night special on Sept. 11 and 12, from 5 – 10 p.m. each night.  Families will discover the sights and sounds of nature at night — bring a flashlight… Read more »

Spanish Immersion at La Casita


It’s best to teach foreign languages to children when they’re young — from birth to ages 10 or 12, research shows.  La Casita Learning Center, located at 5641 Union Centre Dr. in West Chester, offers a Spanish immersion preschool program for ages 30 months through 5 years.  The curriculum aims to make children fluent in… Read more »

A Day in the Life of a Preschooler


Think your preschooler is just having fun with glitter and glue? Think again! A good preschool offers a carefully planned program, where every activity is aimed at developing your tot’s fullest potential.

The Montessori Way


Learning how play — rather than sitting at a table for long periods of time under the watch of lecturing teachers — is actually beneficial to children.

Creative Activities for Preschoolers


Their minds are like sponges that love to soak up all they can — with fun, at the same time. “Look, Mommy! Come see what I made!” says 4-year-old Connor, running toward his mother and sliding in his socks on the hardwood floor. He’s busting to share his accomplish­ment — and there’s a lot of… Read more »

Prep for Preschool


You may be lucky enough to have a spot for your child at the #1 preschool in town, but will she be ready when the time comes? And, what exactly does “ready“ mean today?

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