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Motherhood Out Loud


Every mother deserves a night out, and I have the perfect idea for a mom’s outing that will leave you and your girlfriends laughing until you cry!   Motherhood Out Loud is a production currently being performed at the Carnegie theatre in Covington. The show follows the complete journey of motherhood with all of its… Read more »

Inconsistency and Behavior


“My child did what?!” Have you ever been surprised to discover that your child behaves completely differently when he’s in someone else’s care? Have you heard about his behavior with his grandparents, for instance, and it’s unrecognizable to you? Have you observed him behaving out of character (shy, wound up, etc.) around same-age peers? If… Read more »

7 Things I Know for Sure


I am by no means a perfect parent. I’m astonished that I actually get to write for parenting publications. I have three kids (ages 21, 17, and 21 months) and I swear the baby gives me side-eye that says, “please, get it right this time.” I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I’m sure I’ll… Read more »

Preventing Picky Eaters


Finicky eaters are a huge frustration to parents in the early years. Your approach to eating and food choices will set the tone for years to come. Mom Nicole Koenig knows all too well the pitfalls of picky eaters. Mealtime meltdowns are a regular occurrence with her son, Albert, now 5, and have been for… Read more »

Protect Them? How About We Equip Them Instead


After the Orlando attacks, a Facebook friend debated in a post whether or not to shield her gay son from the hatred she sees online. I understand the instinct. As parents we don’t want to throw our children to the vitriol of online trolls. But I disagree with the  “Protect him as long as you… Read more »

Top 10 New-Parent Mistakes


Becoming a new parent should be a joyous time in your life — so, don’t get too hung up by the bumps along the way like these common new-parent mistakes.

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