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Growth Indicators at Kings Island


Every year my children’s amazing pediatrician measures their height, weight, and developmental growth, but he has been “missing” the Kings Island Growth Indicator. So, okay…I have made this up, but at our first trip to KI this year, I realized how much the park can show me how much my kids have grown. Kings Island… Read more »

Gifts for Dad


My husband is one of those men who has everything he wants, and needs. I struggle to find my husband gifts for his birthday, our anniversary, and other holidays. My go-to gifts are typically related to his favorite sports teams, his job (he is a teacher), or our shared TV and music interests. He has… Read more »

On Nap Time Struggles


Once upon a time I had my first child and they took a two-hour nap and slept ten hours each night without waking up.  Then I had a second child and both of them napped at the same time and slept through the night.  Life was good and I felt like I had it made. … Read more »

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone


You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! I am living proof! I do not cook dinner or bake…thank goodness for my husband for keeping my family well fed. For birthdays I order cakes and cookies months in advance to guarantee I will not be in panic mode the day of the party. This past… Read more »

Mother Figures for the Motherless


“I’m 42 years old and I still don’t know where I belong,” I cried to my sister, standing in her kitchen. We had stopped at my sister’s place after spending Easter weekend with my Aunt Mary and Uncle Butch. Butch and Mary are part of my stepmother’s family. Well, she was my stepmother when I… Read more »

Chores and Tribulations


I love contributing to family. I hate chores. As a child, chores were tasks to be checked off a list so I could get on to other things. A checklist made clear that I’d either succeeded or failed. I often felt ignored. Patted on the head for tasks that meant nothing to me so I… Read more »



A student was shot at my daughter’s school when she was a freshman. It took place between classes and my daughter was close enough to hear the gunshots and to be trampled by students running and screaming. The panic. The lockdown. The search. Armed police officers went room-to-room with loaded guns pointed towards students. My… Read more »

Holiday Hugs: Let Kids Say “No”


To children, all adults hold some mysterious position of power due to fact that they are older and bigger. It is ingrained from the get go. Adults are the bosses and they can get you in trouble if you don’t do what they tell you. That much every child knows. There’s a common thread that… Read more »

Medicine Madness


I’d rather pill a cat than give my toddler liquid medicine from a dropper. A cat you can wrap in a towel to cover his claws, shove the pill in his gullet and stroke his throat until he sticks out his tongue so you know he’s swallowed. A toddler would rather gurgle and spit like… Read more »

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