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Staying Safe from A-to-Z


Make this summer emergency free! It takes only a few minutes to fit a bike helmet or to lock the gate to the pool, but these precautions can save you a trip to the emergency room. Keeping kids safe takes thought and preparation. From curious toddlers to devil-may-care teens, children encounter safety hazards and accidents-waiting-to-happen… Read more »

The Curious Case of the Catnapper


You just put the baby down for a snooze and “Waaahhh!” – break’s over. It always begins pleasantly enough. Jake and I quietly head upstairs, close the curtains, read our bedtime stories, sing our lullabies and rock until his eyes drift closed and his breathing begins to deepen. Slowly, gently, I lay him down in… Read more »

Car Travel with Baby Made Easy


When my husband and I were brand new parents, we stopped six times during the three-and-a-half hour trek to to visit my sister in Atlanta with our 3-month-old – twice to feed her, twice to change her and twice just to check on her. Since a baby weighing less than 20 pounds faces AWAY from… Read more »

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