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Mom Report: Lazer Kraze


My husband and son have recently discovered they enjoy playing laser tag together. It is great father/son bonding time for them and they make quite the team. While my husband “covers” himself and my son, my son aims at the targets to collect as many points as possible. My son’s favorite part “is being sneaky… Read more »

Mom Report: Tour of Boone County


At least once a summer, my best friend and I take my boys on a tour of Boone County. Growing up, my mom would lead a similar scrimmage on lazy Sunday mornings. Now I am the one packing a picnic snack, hitting the road and leading “I Spy” to pass the time and curb the… Read more »

Mom Report: Shaw Farm


Need to stock up on produce with your kiddos in tow? Check out Shaw Farms in Milford, Ohio. You will be able to fill your kitchen with delicious fruits and veggies, and your shopping accomplices will love the kid friendly elements the Shaw’s have thoughtfully put together for their summer shop. While you fill your… Read more »

Mom Report: The Red Balloon Cafe + Play


I recently took my kids to The Red Balloon Café + Play and they had a blast! They enjoyed the different areas (designed for kids ages 1 to 6) where they could play and I enjoyed how everything flowed into one another. There are different areas to play in the large room (fine motor, gross… Read more »

Mom Report: The Donut Trail


Usually when you hear the word “trail” you immediately think bike or hiking trail, but did you know there is another kind of trail in Butler County? A tasty DONUT TRAIL! My son woke up one Wednesday and declared that it was “Donut Wednesday!” … his word play on “Taco Tuesday!” I figured, “Why not?”… Read more »

Kid Report: Top This Donut Bar


When I walked in the first thing I saw and smelled were donuts. First, you decided on what you want. You can get donuts, cinnamon rolls, rice crispy bar, or a cookie. Then you tell the donut people what you want them to dip your treat in. I saw vanilla, strawberry, caramel, and a chocolate… Read more »

Mom Report: Loving the Library


On nice days when I was little, my mom would walk me up to the library a couple blocks away. We would sit and play with their toys and put together their puzzles, and when we left, my bag typically had an iSpy book, a Madeline book and a spooky story book. We’d walk home… Read more »

Mom Report: Happen’s Toy Lab


Three words. Happen’s Toy Lab. If you haven’t been there, what are you waiting for?! We made our first trip to this “one-of-a-kind” laboratory and we are already planning our next trip back. For $10+ tax you can use your imagination and create your own toy! The cost of your toy goes to help Happen,… Read more »

Mom Report: Zoo Troop!


Sometimes my kids have so much energy, they’re bouncing around like kangaroos, howling like wolves, and play wrestling like lion cubs. “You guys belong in a zoo!” I say. And you know what? They do! Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden offers a wonderful four-week kids class for a wide range of ages; it is called… Read more »

Mom Report: Bear Paddle


My son is very cautious around water. A couple of years ago he had a swim incident that scared both him and I. (Not at Bear Paddle!) We quickly switched him to a different facility for swim lessons, but after a while he hit a plateau. Then I started seeing ads for Bear Paddle Swim… Read more »

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