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Chess Match Parenting


There are moments where I find parenting to be similar to a chess match. I have to predict my opponent’s, I mean child’s, next move. I think of my actions, my son’s reaction and all of the possible outcomes. If I say this, he will react like that. I never observed this part of parenting… Read more »

Mom, I’m Hungry!


-Mom, I am hungry! Great, I will make you something. -“Something” sounds yucky! Have a picky pre-school eater? Try serving up some letter lunches! My son loves learning the letters of the alphabet with his classmates at preschool, and we recently applied this love of the alphabet to the kitchen. One day when my picky… Read more »

Effective Commands


“The first step in getting compliance is to ‘BE DIRECT’ with your child. Being direct helps your child understand exactly how you expect him or her to behave.” Urquiza, A., Zebell, N., Timmer,S., McGrath, J., & Whitten, L. (2011) An easy way to increase compliance is to monitor the way you give directions to your… Read more »

You’ve Got Mail!


One summer, at Camp Ernst, I became friends with a girl who lived in Germany! I can’t recall how or why she ended up in little old Burlington, Kentucky, for summer camp, but I do remember thinking it was so cool to meet someone who lived in a completely different part of the world. I… Read more »

Tips and Tricks: Visual Supports


Often I feel when people hear “visual supports,” they think of an intervention for kids with special needs. Yes, visual supports are great for kids with special needs, but they are also great for EVERYONE!  Think about it. On a daily basis you are bombarded with visual supports and you probably don’t even realize it… Read more »

When Kindergarten Looms


One by one I slowly complete each page of my son’s kindergarten registration forms. How is it time for this? Where has the time gone? My eyes well up with tears as I question, did I make the most of these last 5 years? Is he ready? I know the answers to these questions, but… Read more »

When Kids Elope


“Run, run, as fast as you can!  You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man!” That darn Gingerbread Man is pretty good at eloping! Kids can run from their home, school, and away from you in public places — aka, eloping.  Children engage in elopement for a purpose, or because it serves a function (attention,… Read more »

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