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The Ups and Downs of Childhood Friendships


“I hate Maddie!” little Jenny roared on the way home from school one day. “She thinks my hair is ugly, and now Sarah won’t let me sit with them at lunch. So they’re not my friends anymore. I hate them both!” she exclaimed while her mom checked her face from the rearview mirror. Jenny’s flushed… Read more »

Are YOU Ready for School?


“My son Jonathan had gone to two full and three half-days of preschool the year before he went to kindergarten,” says Andrea, a local mom. “I knew he was ready and eager to start ‘big kid’s school.’ It never occurred to me to ask myself if I was ready for Jonathan to start school.

¿Usted habla español?


Last February, local grandmother, Janet Davies, took her 9-year-old granddaughter, Lillie, to Honduras to meet Cindy Carolina Maria José Murta, a little girl Davies sponsors at the Our Little Roses children’s home. Lillie, who’d had several years of weekly Spanish classes in school, ironically had a difficult time conversing with little Cindy. “Being in Honduras… Read more »

Braving the Books: When a Parent Goes Back to School


Three days after being accepted into a Ph.D. program, Cari Weber got some more exciting news: she was pregnant with her first child. Terrified by the thought of balancing parenting responsibilities with her academic ones, she wrestled with the idea of quitting school. But, two weeks after giving birth, she found herself back in the… Read more »

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