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Nifty Tips for Mom and Dad


While there are no set rules for how you manage life with your newborn, a few tricks of the trade might just come in handy. Having a baby means learning a whole new world of strategies to not only keep Baby happy, but to make life more manageable as well. The following tips are ones… Read more »

Proper Child Safety Seat Use Chart


Chart shows variety of issues to be aware of when it comes to proper child safety with car seats.   Proper Child Safety Seat Use Chart Buckle Everyone. Children Age 12 and Under in Back! INFANTS TODDLER YOUNG CHILDREN WEIGHT Birth to 1 year at least 20-22 lbs. Over 1 year and Over 20 lbs.-40… Read more »

Mother Shock!


Having a baby changes your body, your mind, your life. And some days you just don’t want to talk about it. You may be the type to barrage your obstetrician with questions, diligently attend childbirth classes, take in every pregnancy book you can find, but after your baby is born, you will still be in… Read more »

Keep it Calm for Baby!


Let us grant your wish for a sweet first party. Your child’s first birthday is a momentous occasion, but the party should be like her – gentle, peaceful and loving. Little Sally won’t remember the bounce house or the decorations or even the gifts, so plan a relaxing party to celebrate her first birthday. Here… Read more »

International Adoption (2 of 3)


Open your heart to a child that needs a family… In case you haven’t noticed, international adoption is all the rage. Over the last three decades, more than a quarter million children were adopted from other countries, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. According to State Department visa records, Americans adopted 21,616… Read more »

Taking Adoption One Step at a Time


Like all firstborn children, Alex Eagan has created a whole new world for his parents. Adopted at 9 months old by Steven and Ellen Eagan of Hermitage, Alex “has changed our lives,” says his mom. “In that way, though, it’s really not that different” from the experience of most new parents, she says, whether they’re… Read more »

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