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Energy Drinks & Kids Just Say “No”


We’ve written here before about the negative mix of energy drinks and kids – do kids REALLY need all that sugar and caffeine?  Now there’s more reason for concern.  The popular highly-caffeinated drinks are especially risky for kids with heart abnormalities, diabetes, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or other emotional problems, say authors of a study that… Read more »

Colic: Probiotics For Babies?


Could a higher level of tummy-friendly bacteria make a difference to a colicky baby?  In two separate studies involving babies with colic (one study done in 2007, the other in 2010) some breastfed infants were given simethicone, a medication that reduces gas; other infants were given a supplement containing L. reuteri, one of the beneficial… Read more »

Fever: How to Treat Your Child


You can tell your child has a fever the second you touch her forehead.  That tell-tale heat that won’t go away let’s you know it’s real. First, know that the fever is a symptom, not a disease.  But what’s going on that’s causing it?

Smoking Gun


Do you smoke?  You just might be raising your kindergartener’s blood pressure say researchers from the University of Heidelberg in Germany.  After tracking thousands of 4- and 5-year olds, of the children with smoking parents, 21 percent were more likely to have systolic blood pressure (the top number in a reading, measured as the heart… Read more »

Chin Up: It’s Good for You


Being optimistic makes a difference in teen mental health and behavior, especially against the onset of depressive symptoms, concludes “A Prospective Study of the Effects of Optimism on Adolescent Health Risks,” published recently in Pediatrics.   Thousands of kids age 12 – 14 years were assessed over three years on optimistic thinking style, emotional problems, substance… Read more »

video gaming: set limits on it


The gaming craze – kids everywhere with a hand-held gaming device or in their own family room playing Xbox 360 for hours on end – needs a bit of tampering, suggests a study conducted on 3,000 elementary and middle school children in Japan.  Researchers assessed pathological gaming, weekly amount of game play, impulsiveness, social competence,… Read more »

Mom Moments: Don’t Cry Over It!


What mom isn’t in need of a pick-me-up from time to time? Enter Spilt Milk: Devotions for Moms (Zondervan; $12.99) by Linda Vujnov. This new book includes brief stories and meditations – at times poignant, at times hilarious – to bring you into the here-and-now by helping you gain important perspective. When Mom’s happy, everyone… Read more »

Autism: New Study Focuses on Parent Interview


Since children with autism are unlikely to properly self-report their experiences, new research suggests that interviewing their parents may add important information to help families understand and better respond to the needs of their children, thereby easing challenges in daily routines.

Cold or Flu? … Sore Throat or Strep?


Wondering if you have a simple cold on your hands, or something more serious, like the flu or strep throat?  Here are some signs to look for.  According to Gurpreet Thind, M.D.: Viral sore throats: Tend to be associated with upper respiratory symptoms like a runny nose, nasal congestion and cough, and may be associated… Read more »

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