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Is it a Speech Disorder?


“Up, mommy.” “Hi, daddy.” “More please.” These are some of those sweet, long-awaited phrases parents look forward to hearing from their toddler. But what if they’re not saying them? “It’s important to go to well-child visits, because your child’s primary care provider uses questionnaires to determine if certain milestones, such as understanding and talking, are… Read more »

Easing Back-to-School Anxiety


You can get anxious about a new school year, but what about your child? Meeting new friends and teachers while trying to prepare his little mind for the upcoming year can sometimes become a little overwhelming. No matter what, let him know he’s not alone. Anxiety is something that many kids face day to day…. Read more »

Keep Your Resolutions


Want to keep this year’s resolutions to get fit (or stay in shape)?  St. Elizabeth Health Care can make it easy for the whole family to stay active.  Each campus offers convenient walking paths that range in distance from a short half-mile walk to a mile-long trek.  Take multiple laps to meet your walking goals!… Read more »

Sugar and the Heart


Sugar consumption can affect a child’s heart. But how to curtail the habit … especially with Halloween just weeks away?

All About the Eyes


Unusual behaviors hold the key to detecting a vision issue in your child and treatment is essential. It’s important to keep your child’s eyes healthy.

International Clean Hands Week


Grown-ups know that clean hands can prevent illness, but when you’re a kid, it’s sometimes easy to forget to wash your hands.  And as we head into cold and flu season, washing your hands becomes even more important.  So to help out, the Clean Hands Coalition has declared Sept. 20 – 26 International Clean Hands… Read more »

Mysterious Sore Throats


Is it just a cold, or something worse? Should you ride it out or call the doctor? What to know when it comes to burning sore throats.

For Childhood’s Sake: Bring Back Play!


If you’re not limiting your children’s gaming and other screen time, Moms and Dads, you should be: Studies and statistics show that the culture of play in the United States is vanishing, and that’s not a healthy thing for kids. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation in 2010, children spent seven hours and 38 minutes… Read more »

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