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Mom Report: Goldfish Swim School


Before I could even open the door, I heard a “woooooaaaaaaahhhhhhh” escape both of my kids. They caught a glimpse of the inside of the new Goldfish Swim School facility in West Chester. Walking in is like stepping into a “vacation destination.” The bright colors, friendly staff, and amenities are all welcoming. After getting a… Read more »

A Valentine’s Escape Plan for Parents


We had less than ten minutes left to solve the crime. We dashed around the room, raising lanterns to see the suspects. “Who did it?” “Where’s the guy with the mustache?” “No, not that one. It’s not him.”   We made our desperate search at the Cincinnati Escape Room during our “221B Baker Street” adventure…. Read more »

Mom Report: Junior Chef Class


“GRANDPA’S WAFFLES!!!” It’s the first thing my kids scream when they hear we are going to Michigan to visit their grandma and grandpa. They know that Grandpa will wake up and make them as many tasty waffles that they can stuff into their mouths. I’ll be honest … he makes the best waffles, even I get… Read more »

Sherlock’s Escape Rooms


With a birthday to celebrate and no movies of interest, my mother, brother and I decided to try something different – Sherlock’s Escape Rooms in Florence.    Now, we’ve never done an escape room before. But we do love mysteries. So in spite of the fact that it was the most difficult room available, we… Read more »

Cosmic Kids!


The Cincinnati Observatory is offering a new family class for kids in grades 1 – 6 and their parents called Cosmic Kids.  The class, which will meet on the third Saturday of each month at 9:30 a.m. for grades 1 – 3 and 11 a.m. for grades 4 – 6, will explore topics in astronomy…. Read more »

Mom Report: Santa at Liberty Center Mall


I BELIEVE!!! Santa does exist and he is at Liberty Center Mall! From his rosy cheeks, beard, and “Ho, Ho, Ho!” I knew he was real and so did my kids. My kids patiently waited in line as Santa made every child feel special and gave them the time that they needed to share their… Read more »

Mom Report: Bass Pro Shop


It begins. I think it starts earlier and earlier every year. It is merely mid-November and I have already found myself humming along with Christmas songs while out and about, and my kids have pointed out many twinkling lights, and fully decorated evergreens. I have decided to just go with it, in hopes that having… Read more »

Kid Report: Lego Clubs


(as scribed by Mom) I love Legos. Like REALLY love Legos. My mom finds me different places to go to build and play with them. My library has a Lego club where I get to play with other kids who like Legos too. This month we looked at Lego books about vehicles. Then we worked… Read more »

Mom Report: Lazer Kraze


My husband and son have recently discovered they enjoy playing laser tag together. It is great father/son bonding time for them and they make quite the team. While my husband “covers” himself and my son, my son aims at the targets to collect as many points as possible. My son’s favorite part “is being sneaky… Read more »

Kid Report! Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt


Mom Reporter Tina Pratt took her son to Menchie’s — apparently, she has been holding out on him when it comes to frozen yogurt!  From our budding reporter: “There is frozen yogurt at Menchie’s. There are like 51 flavors (Mom’s note: Slight 5-year-old exaggeration, but there are a lot of flavors!) of frozen yogurt you… Read more »

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