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Mom Report: The Red Balloon Cafe


The Red Balloon Cafe is a gathering place — as one of the owners says, the goal is to promote community amongst multi generations. Parents, grandparents, and children/grandchildren can come and everyone can feel like they got to connect through creative play and good food. As much as possible, all of the food in the… Read more »

Mom Report: Stingray Hideaway


Newport Aquarium has always been a family favorite in our house. From the sharks, the large Grouper named Brutus, and the waddling penguins, my family always enjoys trips to the aquarium. Newport Aquarium’s newest exhibit, Stingray Hideaway opened May 5. The stingrays are located in a newly renovated area where the otters formerly were. The… Read more »

Join the Hunger Walk


Freestore Foodbank’s 14th annual Hunger Walk & 5K Run takes place at 9 a.m. on Memorial Day, May 29 at The Banks, downtown.  This makes a great way for kids and families to help others; the event raises funds for the Freestore Foodbank’s 350 partner agencies that distribute 23 million meals each year.  Online registration… Read more »

What’s in Your Hiking Bag?


Hats. Sunglasses. Water bottles. Tissues. Hand Sanitizer. Sunscreen. Band-aids. Chap Stick. Instant Bug Bite Relief.  We do a lot of hiking! On a normal week we hike at least twice! It’s important that we keep our bag packed and ready to go. We usually end up rushing out the door as soon as we realize we… Read more »

Happy Birthday, Mary Helen!


Mary Helen Studio will celebrate it’s second birthday on April 22 and you’re invited!  RSVP for some cookie decorating fun with the studio’s neighbors, The BonBonerie, and check out the spring collection (AND get 20% off!).  Just email to make sure there’s enough cookies for everyone, and check out some upcoming spring group classes,… Read more »

Rock Out with Music@BCM!


You know spring is here and summer is on the way when the Behringer-Crawford Museum kicks off its annual concert series, Music@BCM!   Every Thursday evening between May 25 and August 10, families are invited to check out some local acts that will bring you everything from high energy jazz, courtesy of Mike Wade, to… Read more »

Mom Report: Cincinnati Nature Center


Some of my fondest memories growing up involve digging in the mud, hiking through the woods behind my house, building forts out of random logs, and searching for frogs around the pond in my backyard. Now, I live in a subdivision with my two kids and we don’t have a pond, the mud, or the… Read more »

Mom Report: Rabbit Hash General Store


One of my favorite adventures as a child is one that I recreate with my own children now — a country drive with the windows down, and a visit to the Rabbit Hash General Store. I was devastated when the original General Store burnt down in February 2016. But the store has been restored to its… Read more »

Mother Daughter Weekend Retreat


I enjoy doing things with just my daughter and also just with my son. I love the one on one time with each of them where they can get my full undivided attention. Coming in May, I will enjoy a weekend of bonding with just my daughter. We will be attending the My 31 Sisters… Read more »

Mom Report: Goldfish Swim School


Before I could even open the door, I heard a “woooooaaaaaaahhhhhhh” escape both of my kids. They caught a glimpse of the inside of the new Goldfish Swim School facility in West Chester. Walking in is like stepping into a “vacation destination.” The bright colors, friendly staff, and amenities are all welcoming. After getting a… Read more »

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