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Fun With a Paper Bag


Nothing perplexes me more than when my children look at me, all doe-eyed, and say “Mom, I’m bored”  …What?! ….How?!  I. Do. Not. Comprehend.  Each floor of my home has drawers, cubes, chests, and closets filled with toys, costumes, games, arts and craft supplies, etc. Not to mention, both of my kids have their own… Read more »

Mom Report: A Crafting We Will Go!


“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” –Oscar Wilde I am a crazy crafter! I like to create and make and I enjoy sharing this hobby with my kids. Research shows that art activities promote brain development in early childhood. Art encourages creativity, introduces kids to new materials, tools,… Read more »

Dad Crafted with Us, too!


It was hilarious getting my husband in on the family crafting session I had this weekend. It was like I threw him in a lingerie store and said pick something out for me and it better be right! My daughter loves this time each weekend where we make all sorts of crafts. She was excited… Read more »

Painted Fall Leaf


Now that the leaves are starting to fall, gather some up and get ready for this next craft for kids. What You’ll Need Leaves Washable paint Paper Paintbrushes What You’ll Do Set out a piece of paper. Grab a leaf and add a drop of paint from three or four different colors to the back… Read more »

Flowers that Last


Tissue Paper Flowers are simple and easy to do with the kids and perfect for Mother’s Day. What you need:Tissue paper of varying colorsGreen pipe cleanersTwigsVase What you do:     Cut the tissue paper down to a desired size. Rectangles that are 5-by-7 inches make for perfect tiny flowers. Stack several sheets of the… Read more »

Bunny Treats


Leave one out for the Easter Bunny! This is an easy, fun way to turn the ordinary rice treats we all know and love into something seasonal and cute. What you need:1 package of marshmallows (the colored ones make a more festive treat)6 cups of rice Cereal (any brand will do)3 tablespoons of butterWax paperCooking… Read more »

Exquisite Eggs


The Easter bunny doesn’t always have to leave candy eggs around the house. Sometimes he finds a fancy egg to help decorate his living room. Here’s a great craft to create your very own delicate eggs to adorn your home for Easter. What you need:Large EggsBig BowlLong Needle with a wide opening for ribbonThin RibbonPaint… Read more »

St. Patrick’s Day Craft: Leprechaun Hat


That silly leprechaun left his hat at my house and I wanted to share it with you. You can see, it is bigger than you would think … for a creature of his size.   You can make one for yourself, too. This fun little craft is sure to get some giggles out of your… Read more »

St. Patrick’s Day Craft: Clover


Get ready for St. Patrick’s Day because it is coming up! By Thursday, March 17, you will have clovers all around with this easy-to-do craft with the kiddos.   What you need: Construction paper Green tissue paper Glue Safety scissors Crayon What you do: Draw out a clover on your construction paper and cut it… Read more »

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