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Enrichment is Everything!


From music to martial arts, education beyond the classroom keeps young minds engaged. Educators and parents are in agreement: It’s not good for children to be glued to the TV every afternoon. They take on a glazed-over and dazed appearance when staring at the tube too long. Eventually, inertia sets in, and kids become whiny… Read more »

Private School Pointers


the arts are alive in private schools Robert Sternberg, Ph.D., dean of arts and sciences at Tufts University in Boston, specializes in determining what makes people successful in life. Through his research at Tufts, Sternberg determined that imagination and creativity are just as important as intelligence. So while today’s schools place extra emphasis on test… Read more »

The Ups and Downs of Childhood Friendships


“I hate Maddie!” little Jenny roared on the way home from school one day. “She thinks my hair is ugly, and now Sarah won’t let me sit with them at lunch. So they’re not my friends anymore. I hate them both!” she exclaimed while her mom checked her face from the rearview mirror. Jenny’s flushed… Read more »

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