The Power of Pretend Play


Wait! Don’t panic when your child plays doctor with her stuffed animals. It’s a normal and healthy rite of passage. Leslie Kramer’s 4-year-old daughter, Georgia, enjoys playing with dolls. Scratch that. She is obsessed by it. Her two favorites, Cha Cha and Miss Piddy, go with her everywhere – on errands in the car, out… Read more »

Baby daze: Stress-free days with a new infant


Many couples plan for the wedding, but not for the marriage. A similar situation often occurs when expectant parents anticipate their baby’s arrival. They plan for labor and delivery, but don’t consider the difficulties of the postpartum months. I made the same mistake. I bought all of the nursery supplies and had my hospital bag… Read more »

Keep it Calm for Baby!


Let us grant your wish for a sweet first party. Your child’s first birthday is a momentous occasion, but the party should be like her – gentle, peaceful and loving. Little Sally won’t remember the bounce house or the decorations or even the gifts, so plan a relaxing party to celebrate her first birthday. Here… Read more »

Conquering Your First Year as a Mom


Know what to expect of your post-pregnancy self … and embrace it! Sandy Walker watched in horror the image she saw in her bathroom mirror. No, it wasn’t a ghost or even the sight of her 4-year-old cutting her hair. It was Sandy’s post-natal body … sagging, bulging, stretch marks and all. During pregnancy you… Read more »

Find Friends & Support in Parent Groups


Connecting with a local – or even national – group may be just the thing you need.   Nine-and-a-half years ago, I left my teaching position at a community college to stay at home full time with my newborn son. Shortly afterwards, my husband accepted a job transfer to northern Vermont. Our first long, cold… Read more »

We COULD Save More Babies’ Lives


Metabolic disorders take the life of one baby in every 4,500. Metabolic disorders take the life of one baby in every 4,500. About 24 hours after birth, a nurse takes a small blood sample from each infant . The blood is dropped onto a piece of filter paper and sent to the Department of Health,… Read more »

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