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Special Needs

the typical kid in the special family


Making your typical children feel as loved as your special needs child is not as hard as it may seem … and it makes for wonderful parenting. It goes without saying that being a parent is hard. There’s truly no preparing for parenthood — and with each new addition to the family comes greater responsibilities and challenges. This is… Read more »

Autism: New Study Focuses on Parent Interview


Since children with autism are unlikely to properly self-report their experiences, new research suggests that interviewing their parents may add important information to help families understand and better respond to the needs of their children, thereby easing challenges in daily routines.

Diabetes and Your Child


In the United States, 23.6 million people are diagnosed with diabetes, and of that number, more than 186,000 are youth and children. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), a new diagnosis occurs nationwide every 20 seconds. In Tennessee, more than 600,000 people, young and old, live with the disease, and those numbers are rising…. Read more »

Pay Attention!


The teacher is talking to you about your child‘s attention problem … visions of Ritalin dance in your head … but wait. Before jumping to conclusions, take a look at what you can do to help your child naturally.

Children Living With Autism


When Dan Guile’s son, Jeffrey, was born nine years ago, the young dad had dreams of participating in stereotypical father-son activities – playing football, going fishing and taking his son hunting. A diagnosis of autism when Jeffrey was barely 1-and-a-half changed all that.