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Kid’s Health & Safety

Kids and Migraines


Migraines are no laughing matter. If your child’s going to get them, they’ll start happening sometime in his first decade. Here’s what you need to know.

Mysterious Sore Throats


Is it just a cold, or something worse? Should you ride it out or call the doctor? What to know when it comes to burning sore throats.

November is World Prematurity Month


On Monday, November 17, people around the world celebrated World Prematurity Day, and the month of November marks World Prematurity Month. Babies born prematurely are at risk not only for death, but also for many severe and chronic medical disorders, including brain damage, lung disease, intestinal injury, blindness, hearing loss, cerebral palsy and failure to grow. And… Read more »

New Info on Caffeine and Kids


It’s easy to allow sodas and sugary coffees to kids — it makes them so happy! But easy does it on the caffeine intake, local experts say.

Anxiety Issues in Kids


Anxiety in kids is characterized by worrying over even the littlest of things. Here’s what you need to know.

Kids & Acne


Help your kids through the awkward stage of acne by gently pushing cleanliness.

4 Tips for Adventurous Eaters


Want your kids to love eating with you? Try these easy tips and see what happens! 1) Don’t cook to order If you want your kids to eat well, then when you’ve prepared dinner tell them, “This is what’s for dinner. If you don’t like it, that’s fine; you don’t have to eat it. But… Read more »

Reading and Early Development


The next time you take your baby to his well-child visit, don’t be surprised if your pediatrician hands you a board book. With the release of The American Academy of Pediatric’s (AAP) policy statement promoting reading aloud to infants (it came out last June), the aim is to get parents, kids and books actively engaged…. Read more »

Fitness for Kids


When even your kids are tired of looking at the screen all day, it’s time to get involved in a fun fitness class to keep their bodies healthy and fit.

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