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Kid’s Health & Safety

Perked Up at Our Hospitals


Jacuzzi tubs, Daddy Boot Camp and the only Swedish birthing chair in Cincinnati — there’s lots to know about what’s here for you now.

Sugar Rush!


“Too much of a good thing” can be true when it comes to sugar, a fact that usually hits home when we feel its effects, whether that’s an upset tummy, changes in the scale, or when we’re sitting in the dentist’s chair.    Too much added sugar in your child’s diet (and your own!) can… Read more »

First Time at the Dentist? It’s All Good!


Going to the dentist has changed since I was a child. Today, many dental practices offices offer whimsical waiting and treatment rooms that set the stage for a positive experience for little ones. Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry is a perfect example. A giant octopus with a toothbrush dangling from its tentacles greets children as… Read more »

Save Your Child From a Mouthful of Cavities


Yucky cavities. The most chronic childhood disease, according to the dentists at Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, located in Cincinnati. Five times more prevalent than asthma in children, cavities can cause major trouble for kids, including pain, tooth decay and dental abscesses.   That’s why it’s so important to follow guidelines for tooth care for… Read more »

Too Cold To Play? No Way!


What a phenomenon! We know fresh air is good for kids and yet when it’s cold outside we tend to keep them indoors. Why? Playing outside, sledding, skating and skiing are all great ways to benefit from the winter weather, as is just taking a brisk walk or hike, or having a fun romp in… Read more »

Sweet Dreams


Two-year-old Bella has a nightly bedtime ritual that includes a couple of stories, prayers and four or five hugs. It’s a pattern that helps her fall asleep easily, according to her mom.    Not all toddlers are so easy. It can be exhausting to put a toddler to bed — and keep him there. What’s… Read more »

Prepare For A Preemie


Although most expecting parents are eager for their baby’s arrival, they’re not so eager as to want the big day to come too soon! Unfortunately, preterm births – defined by the March of Dimes as births that happen before 37 weeks of pregnancy – are all too common. The March of Dimes anticipates about 380,000… Read more »

On the Move!


“Perfection.” That’s what Chelsea Myers says of baby feet. When her son was born she remembers measuring his whole foot against her thumb. There is just something about baby feet that we all love. Mom Emily Czerwonka says they “make us think of all the miles we’ve walked,” while Sue Duty says she “wonders where… Read more »

Babies, Backs & Bellies


Safe to Sleep is always important (always place Baby on his back for sleeping!), but are you as diligent about tummy time for your little one?   “It’s all about balance,” says neonatal/pediatric occupational therapist Michelle Emanuel. She’s spent a career helping babies with issues like head flattening (plagiocephaly), posture problems, and asymmetries (torticollis).  … Read more »

Baby On Board


National Child Passenger Safety Week takes place Sept. 17 – 23. Safe Kids ( estimates that 73 percent of car seats are not used or installed correctly, and that thousands of U.S. children die in motor vehicle related incidents each year. But there’s something you can do, and that’s to make sure your child’s car… Read more »

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