Kid’s Health & Safety

Gun Safety and Children


Federal offices estimate there are more than 200 million firearms in the United States. Studies suggest that firearms are kept in approximately half of all households. If you have them in your home, are they safely locked away from children? Wait, don’t go. Are you sure?

healthyFAMILIES… Brain Food


One of the main casualties of our time-crunched, go-go-go lifestyle is the healthy meal. We want to do it all, have it all, and – most importantly – we want our kids to have every opportunity anyone could dream up for them.

Home Alone?


Today, out of 34 million children ages 6 to 13, three quarters have a working parent. As a result, nearly 10 million kids come home from school each day to an empty house. Is your child OK while he’s home alone?

How to manage a SNACK ATTACK!


It’s easy to grab a bag of chips (saturated fat!) or a handful of cookies (carbs!) but you can take control of what you feed your kids and improve their eating habits – and yours! All summer long, if the kids are at home, it seems like they’re poking around the refrigerator and pantry nonstop…. Read more »

Inclusive Child Care


Like many parents, Maria Villanuova discovered that finding quality child care for her son, Joey, was a challenge. For Villanuova, however, the problem wasn’t just finding child care in a convenient location that fit her family’s budget. The challenge was finding a program that provided the right environment for a child with a developmental delay… Read more »

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