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Kid’s Health & Safety

Newborns: Handle With Care


  Lots to know with your sweet lil’ bundle. Here are 5 fast tips going forward! 1.  You may think he’s smiling at 3 weeks of age, but those rewards won’t actually happen until about the 6-week mark say pediatricians. A baby’s lips may curl upward momentarily … but up until 6 weeks, it’s probably… Read more »

Revealing Flu Facts


Flu season is still in full swing, so arm yourself with a few facts from John Bruns, M.D., of Queen City Physicians to keep you and yours healthy! CF: What’s the main reason children end up hospitalized for the flu, and how can a parent prevent that from happening? JB: Influenza is a respiratory illness…. Read more »

Save Your Skin


Between the cold outside and the heat inside, your children’s skin can suffer damage. Keep everyone’s faces, fingers and feet in good shape: • Moisturize: Apply oil-based moisturizer on kids’ faces as a protective layer and to help skin retain more moisture. • Sunscreen: Winter sun can be just as damaging to skin as the… Read more »

Babies need tummy time!


But remember, when it’s sleeping time, Baby should still be on his back. Since the American Academy of Pediatric’s successful “Back to Sleep” campaign began in 1992, there’s been a decrease in the amount of SIDS-related deaths, says Daniel Cross, president of A Step Ahead Pediatric Therapy in Crestview Hill, KY.  But babies now are… Read more »

Candy & Food Allergies


Halloween’s indeed scary if you have a child with a serious food allergy. Since candy and holiday treats are available everywhere for the taking, it’s important for families to be more vigilant about it. According to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC), the most common food allergies are milk, egg, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish,… Read more »

Power Breakfast?


Is it dumb to let kids skip the morning meal? Probably. Remember simpler mornings of not too long ago? Sitting, chatting and nibbling, reading the paper, feeding the baby. That’s so over. Now, parents wake up around 5 a.m. to check e-mail, Facebook and Twitter accounts while kids start with text messages, video games and… Read more »

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