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Hi-Tech Moms


It‘s a great time to be a multi-tasking mother! New technology helps women streamline busy family lives and “crowdsourcing“ comes of age as cell phone and online activities help moms build peer support for all kinds of decision making.  So long Leave it to Beaver, hello Wonder Woman! With all of the tools at your… Read more »

Keeping Kids From Destroying Your Home


Whether your kids qualify as Dennis the Menace clones or not, your house just might be in shambles for years to come. Nevertheless, there are ways to minimize the damage. Here are some of the common household items parents can expect to have just about demolished by their little – or not so little –… Read more »

Mastering Morning Madness


You just can’t wait, can you? Getting everyone to bed at a reasonable hour, getting yourself up before everyone else, preparing breakfast, inspecting outfits, packing lunches, being ON TIME.That’s right … school days are here again and it’s time to get your game on. There are plenty of tips to help you master morning madness,… Read more »

Taking Family Photos Yourself


Local photographers share their secrets for great kid pics. It’s time to start thinking about the family Christmas photo! This year, you are determined things will be different. Your children will don the cutest coordinating outfits you can find. You’ve located a lovely outdoor spot and the weather is ideal. Everything seems to be going… Read more »

Caring for New Parents


When I brought home my sweet baby girl a little over two years ago, I was unprepared emotionally and physically for the amount of work and time that one little person required.

Nifty Tips for Mom and Dad


While there are no set rules for how you manage life with your newborn, a few tricks of the trade might just come in handy. Having a baby means learning a whole new world of strategies to not only keep Baby happy, but to make life more manageable as well. The following tips are ones… Read more »