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Family Fun

Keep Kids Safe on The Playing Field


If your child is an athlete, you’ve probably taped a few ankles, iced some strained muscles or even signed a cast covering a broken bone. Athletes get injured – it’s part of the game. But many parents aren’t aware that young athletes are at risk for more serious injuries: three that can have extremely serious… Read more »

Weave Art Into Reading


Mom Michelle Wilder finds creative ways to stimulate her 4-year-old son James’ creative brain in a variety of situations, especially when it comes to reading. “Children should be introduced to a wide variety of books,” says Wilder, “and combining a love of reading with hands-on creativity is a great two-way street,” she adds. Mixing literature with… Read more »

A Family FOURtune


Every once in a while, you cross paths with someone who unknowingly inspires you. If you’re lucky, this happens at least once in your life. If you’re really lucky, maybe twice. Recently, I met six people who inspired me. For that, I’d say I’m doing alright.



When my son was 5, he learned to ride his bicycle without training wheels in a two-hour session with my husband over at our local park.

Children and Charity


With the holiday season approaching, many of us are beginning to think about gifts, baking, decorating and family gatherings. Charity is a big part of the holidays for many families, yet it is often difficult to find ways to get your children and teens involved in the process. In fact, there are many ways to… Read more »

COOL Toys for HOT Days


Where do kids play in the summer? Anywhere from the pool to the beach to the woods to “uh-oh” indoors on rainy days. Here are suggested playthings for all those venues.

Crafts, etc.


Choosing a gift can be a challenge. Some people may have enough of everything. This year, why not try one of these economical gift ideas that allow your family to express your love in a way that is anything but ordinary?

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