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Family Fun

Preparing Happy Campers


By the time most kids reach the age of 8, they are ready for their first overnight summer camp adventure.  Here’s help for navigating the process and ensuring your child has a festive and memorable time.

Get Serious About Fun!


Have fun with your children while you can – they grow up fast!  Create happy memories by doing chores together, learning a new skill or just being together.  You’ll be amazed how long those happy moments can last. Have fun with your children while you can – they grow up fast!  Create happy memories by… Read more »

The Wonder of the Arts


From my earliest days, I remember being involved in some form of artistic activity – piano, dance, theater camp, you name it. And, while I may not be a famous artist in anyone’s opinion, I do have a side that allows me to imagine and dream, to create and think outside the box. Now, raising… Read more »

How Does Your Garden Grow?


If your child is an athlete, you’ve probably taped a few ankles, iced some strained muscles or even signed a cast covering a broken bone. Athletes get injured – it’s part of the game. But many parents aren’t aware that young athletes are at risk for more serious injuries: three that can have extremely serious… Read more »

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