Guiding Light


Setting Limits & Consequences Sometimes a firm approach is the most loving one. I was at a birthday party recently. While the birthday boy was opening up his presents, most of the other kids excitedly sat in a circle around him. There was one child, however, who actually was opening presents with the birthday boy.  I could… Read more »

Creative Activities for Preschoolers


Their minds are like sponges that love to soak up all they can — with fun, at the same time. “Look, Mommy! Come see what I made!” says 4-year-old Connor, running toward his mother and sliding in his socks on the hardwood floor. He’s busting to share his accomplish­ment — and there’s a lot of… Read more »

3 Ways to Help Your Baby Grow


You think you need all the new gizmos and gadgets, but guess what?  Infant development experts like Jill Stamm, author of Bright From the Start: The Simple, Science-Backed Way to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind (Gotham; $26) says that how YOU interact with your baby is the key to her emotional and intellectual growth. So,… Read more »

Hush, Little Baby


Your newborn’s cry is enough to make YOU cry, but don’t worry. You’ll soon figure out what he’s saying to you. An infant’s wail can chisel away at even the calmest of nerves, and every new mother will face the moment when she can’t seem to find the mute button on her new baby. The… Read more »

On Solid Ground


Easy does it on the sweet stuff as you build a healthy enjoyment of solid foods in your child.

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