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Squashing Sibling Rivalry


Anxiety levels will surely rise again, right? Sure as the sun comes up in the morning, your two little darlings will eventually fall out of love with each other and into yet another conflict. It’s natural. It happens to all kids (and adults) because we are all unique, with different personalities and tastes.

“I WON’T Wear That!”


Oh, the tug-of-war that kids and clothes can bring! Yes, freedom of expression starts early, so perhaps you can learn to manage it. Find out how other parents do it. Listen in on any conversation between a group of moms, and chances are good the topic of clothing will come up sooner or later. Whether… Read more »

Crush the Back Talk NOW!


Katie Brantley has a problem, and she’s not afraid to admit it. “My kids back talk, big time,” says the 34-year-old mother of two girls, ages 12 and 8. “It usually starts at breakfast, and then continues after school. It’s gotten to the point where we all get so frustrated at the end of the… Read more »