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Monday, September 24

Cincinnati Nature Center at Rowe Woods

The Cincinnati Nature Center trails are beautiful during daytime, and they are also breathtaking at night! Come experience a night hike under a full moon. For children ages 8 years old and up. 

$ Categories: Nature, Outdoor Activities Ages: 9 – 12 Years, Teens

Tuesday, September 25

Happening thru:

Scheben Branch

Join your toddler on the floor for some fun, and to boost their pre-reading skills! Enjoy stories, songs, rhymes, and activities with your 2.5-3.5 year old. 

Categories: Library Events Ages: 2 – 3 Years

Florence Branch, Florence

Play and Learn groups provide children opportunities to learn and explore through play. Parents and caregivers join in the fun by participating in activities that promote development and learning. 

Categories: Library Events Ages: 0 - 12 Months, 13 – 24 Months, 2 – 3 Years, 4 – 5 Years

Behringer-Crawford Museum, Covington

Learn how pioneers of the late 1700s/early 1800s came through the Cumberland Gap  by flatboat down the Ohio River to settle this “new” land. Recommended for children in 2nd through 5th grades.

RSVP $ Categories: Museum Events Ages: 9 – 12 Years

Happening thru:

Walton Branch

Enjoy some family time at the library with your pre-readers. Hear stories, sing songs, rhyme, and play as a family during this fun family time! 

Categories: Library Events Ages: 0 - 12 Months, 13 – 24 Months, 2 – 3 Years, 4 – 5 Years

Happening thru:

Main Library, Burlington

Toddlers gobble up books like little bookworms! They will love hearing stories, singing songs, rhyming, and playing during this fun library program. For ages 3 1/2 to 5+ years old. 

Categories: Library Events Ages: 2 – 3 Years, 4 – 5 Years

Happening thru:

Glenwood Gardens/ Highfield Discovery Garden , Cincinnati

Paleontologists from all over the world are drawn to the Cincinnati area for our amazing fossils! Join us as we take a look at fossils from prehistoric times. 

$ Categories: Nature, Science Ages: All ages

Happening thru:

Blue Manatee, Cincinnati

A story time for all ages featuring songs, stories and silliness with Miss Erin! 

Categories: Music, Storytimes Ages: All ages

Happening thru:

Main Branch , Cincinnati

Utilize STEAM to learn new skills from kitchen chemistry to robotics! 

Categories: Library Events, Science Ages: Teens

Happening thru:

Scheben Branch, Union

Stimulate your baby’s development, and help your child build language and literacy skills through interactive stories, songs, and music. 

Categories: Library Events Ages: 2 – 3 Years, 4 – 5 Years, 6 – 8 Years

Main Library BCPL, Burlington

A totally twisted taste test of weirdly popular snack flavors! For middle and high schoolers. 

Categories: Library Events Ages: Teens

Cincinnati Music Hall Ballroom, Cincinnati

You know those two hilarious moms who sit in their van, speaking #MOMTRUTHS on Facebook each week? The ones who make you laugh until you cry? Well, they are taking their hilarious antics on the road, and are bringing the Fun Show with Nat and Cat to the Cincinnati Music Hall Ballroom!!! Don’t worry! If you… Read more »

$ Categories: Parents' Night Out Ages: Parents Only

Wednesday, September 26

Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati

Discover interactive learning stations as you explore the Cincinnati Art Museum during Wee Wednesday’s! Explore the wonderful world of sound as you hear stories, participate in hands-on art projects, and more.

Categories: Art, Crafts, Museum Events Ages: 2 – 3 Years, 4 – 5 Years

Happening thru:

Heritage Village, Cincinnati

Take an architectural tour of the buildings at Heritage Village. Learn about where they came from, how they were moved to Heritage Village, their modification over time, and more! History comes to life at Heritage Village! 

$ Categories: Living History Ages: All ages

Main Library - TeenSpot

Learn how to navigate life’s challenges and help make the Library a supportive place in a welcoming, non-judgmental environment. Youth Advocating for Youth! (YAY) is a supportive, non-judgmental teen group that welcomes and celebrates all teens. Activities include learning stress-management techniques, team building, outside presenters, book and media discussions, and more. YAY members  also help… Read more »

Categories: Library Events Ages: Teens

Happening thru:

Main Branch, Cincinnati

Youth Advocating for  Youth (YAY!) is a safe, welcoming, non-judgemental group for teens to learn stress-management techniques, hear outside speakers, discuss books, and overall navigate life’s challenges successfully.

Categories: Library Events Ages: Teens

Main Library BCPL, Burlington

If doing your child’s hair in the morning seems too hard, or stressful, let us help! Learn how to do a ponytail, a braid, and some other styles. All caregivers welcome, please register each child. 

RSVP Categories: Library Events Ages: All ages

Thursday, September 27

Happening thru:

Woodland Mound, Cincinnati

Nature has many stories to tell! Join us for a nature themed story time. 

Categories: Nature, Storytimes Ages: All ages

Cheviot Branch , Cheviot

Enjoy food from all over the world, and discover your new favorite treat! 

Categories: Library Events Ages: All ages

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