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Monday, December 31

Totter's Otterville

Join Totter’s Otterville for a special, kid-friendly New Year’s Eve countdown. The countdown will begin at 12 noon instead of 12 midnight and will include just as much fun.

$ Categories: Seasonal/Holiday Ages: 0 - 12 Months, 13 – 24 Months, 2 – 3 Years, 4 – 5 Years, 6 – 8 Years

Behringer-Crawford Museum

Crafts, games, snacks and fun for the whole family as you count down to 2019.

$ Categories: Museum Events, Seasonal/Holiday Ages: All ages

Scheben Branch

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… HAPPY NOON YEAR! Join the library as they welcome in the New Year with festivities at noon. 

Categories: Library Events, Seasonal/Holiday Ages: All ages

Wednesday, January 2

Perfection Gymnastics

Happy new Year! Send the kids to camp to start the new year right with a day full of new adventures, new friends and new skills.

$$ Categories: Fitness Ages: 4 – 5 Years, 6 – 8 Years, 9 – 12 Years

Happening thru:

Glenwood Gardens Highfield Discovery Center

Go back in time when many toys were made from things found in nature. Have a little fun playing together with old timey toys and games. 

Categories: Seasonal/Holiday Ages: All ages

Saturday, January 5

Sharon Woods

Celebrate the New Year with a refreshing walk outside on the beautiful Gorge Trail. Dress for the weather for this rain or shine walk. 

Categories: Nature, Outdoor Activities Ages: 9 – 12 Years, Teens

Sunday, January 6

Woodland Mound Seasongood Nature Center

Brrr, it’s cold outside! Come and warm up for this winter-themed scavenger hunt. 

Categories: Nature Ages: All ages

Tuesday, January 8

Happening thru:

Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve

Reduce stress, increase awareness and learn to be comfortable both on and off the mat. Beginners and new comers are welcome! 

$ Categories: Fitness Ages: Parents Only

Friday, January 11

Happening thru:

Aronoff Center for the Arts

Join Cincinnati’s Modern Dance company, MamLuft&Co. Dance for a mixed concert by four choreographers, including John Litzler and Cody Szarko (formerly of River North Dance Chicago and Visceral Dance Chicago, respectively), Leslie Dworkin (Ohio Arts Individual Artist Excellence award winner), and Susan Honer and Elena Rodriguez Moore of MamLuft&Co. Dance.

$$ Categories: Dance Ages: Parents Only, Teens

Sunday, January 13

Happening thru:

Cincinnati Nature Center

Experience the process of producing liquid gold from maple sap. Bask in the warmth of the evaporator and its maple-scented steam. Drop by the Outdoor Learning Center and join in an interactive sap collecting maple hike. 

Categories: Nature, Outdoor Activities Ages: All ages

Tuesday, January 15

Happening thru:

Cincinnati Nature Center

Hear a chilly-weather nature book and try out simple winter crafts at the Rowe Visitor Center’s Whittaker Library. 

$ Categories: Nature, Storytimes Ages: 0 - 12 Months, 13 – 24 Months, 2 – 3 Years, 4 – 5 Years

Saturday, January 19

Cincinnati Nature Center

Think it’s cold this winter? Imagine the chill of the Ice Age as you search for clues of a time when mastodons roamed and the land looked astonishingly different. Embrace winter and discover hints of the ice age in today’s plants, animals and landscape. 

RSVP $ Categories: Nature, Outdoor Activities, Science Ages: 9 – 12 Years, Teens

Cincinnati Nature Center

Under the watchful eye of a master fire builder and with a caregiver’s permission, children will be sent on collecting “missions” to bring back and add specific natural materials to the fire. This experience allows children to build a healthy respect for fire, learn about primitive fire-building and enjoy hot cocoa. 

$ Categories: Nature, Outdoor Activities, Seasonal/Holiday Ages: 2 – 3 Years, 4 – 5 Years, 6 – 8 Years, 9 – 12 Years

Monday, January 21

Cincinnati Nature Center

Centuries ago, hungry wolf packs howled in the light of January’s full moon. Learn about our local history with wolves during a moonlit hike.

RSVP $ Categories: Fitness, Nature, Outdoor Activities Ages: 9 – 12 Years, Teens

Saturday, January 26

Cincinnati Nature Center

The winter season often allows us to see birds that are difficult to spot during the rest of the year. Bundle up for a short morning bird hike followed by an indoor exploration of the bird observation window. Finish the day by making a take-home suet feeder to attract winter birds to your yard. 

RSVP $$ Categories: Animal Encounters, Crafts, Nature, Outdoor Activities Ages: 4 – 5 Years, 6 – 8 Years, 9 – 12 Years

Cincinnati Nature Center

The frozen fields and forests are filled with stories of magical plants and animals, odd explanations and poetic ways of looking at winter. On this easy walk, you’ll see winter through the eyes of Shawnee hunters, early settlers and other storytelling peoples. Adults will be surprised by the strange history and symbology of “familiar” things,… Read more »

RSVP $ Categories: Fitness, Nature, Outdoor Activities Ages: All ages

Cincinnati Nature Center

Stop in the Nature PlayScape for a cup of cider and some winter crafting fun. 

$ Categories: Crafts, Nature, Outdoor Activities Ages: All ages

Happening thru:

Greaves Concert Hall

The Kentucky Symphony Orchestra dusts off Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley’s rarely performed 1966 musical “Stop the World — I Want to Get Off!” with a complete semi-staged production. Hit songs include “What Kind of Fool am I”, “Gonna Build a Mountain”, “Once in a Lifetime” and others. Starring: Joshua Steele & Brooke Steele. Brian… Read more »

$$ Categories: Music Ages: All ages

Sunday, January 27

Happening thru:

Cincinnati Nature Center

Get an up-close look at the maple syrup evaporator and sugaring tools like skimmers, filters and thermometers. With an adult’s help, child participants will be able to look inside the sap storage tanks, try on the fire gloves, help set up the Native American rock boiling demonstration, and help prepare the materials to fire up… Read more »

RSVP $ Categories: Living History, Nature, Outdoor Activities Ages: All ages

Cincinnati Nature Center

Discover what Nature Preschool is all about at Cincinnati Nature Center. Teachers will show you what a typical day looks like at the preschool and will answer your questions about enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year.

$ Categories: Nature, Parent Education Ages: All ages

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