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Thursday, September 20

Happening thru:

U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati

Marvel Universe Live! returns to Cincinnati with Age of Heroes for four days only!

$$ Categories: Acting & Theater Ages: All ages

Friday, September 21

Happening thru:

Playhouse in the Park Marx Theatre, Cincinnati

Join Playhouse in the Park for a date night with this riveting, suspenseful stage adaption of Steven King’s Misery.    Intended for audiences ages 17 and up.  Runs through September 29th.

$$ Categories: Acting & Theater, Parents' Night Out Ages: Parents Only

Saturday, September 22

Playhouse in the Park , Cincinnati

Join Playhouse in the Park for a night out that will have you laughing until you cry with this Odd Couple meets Breakind Bad comedy.    For audiences ages 17 and up. 

$$ Categories: Acting & Theater, Parents' Night Out Ages: Parents Only

Monday, October 1

Joseph - Beth , Cincinnati

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s … storytime at Joseph – Beth with special Superman guests from The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. Be brave and venture to this heroic event in your superhero capes costumes.

Categories: Acting & Theater, Storytimes Ages: All ages

Thursday, October 4

Woodward Theater, Cincinnati

Learn how a young artist from Kentucky became a Hollywood music legend and composer of TVs hottest shows themesongs. Jonathan Wolff created the music for 75 primetime network TV series, including the iconic Seinfeld and Will & Grace themes.  This event is brought to you by The Isaac M. Wise Sisterhood, with proceeds from the… Read more »

RSVP $$ Categories: Acting & Theater, Fundraisers, Music Ages: Parents Only

Friday, October 5

Fairfield Community Arts Center , Fairfield

Come dressed as your favorite Star Wars character and use the power of the force during this fun event. The Jedi Academy is a solo comedy variety show that pays hilarious homage to everyone’s favorite intergalactic franchise. 

$ Categories: Acting & Theater, Films Ages: All ages

Saturday, October 6

Happening thru:

Taft Theatre , Cincinnati

It’s a bird, It’s a plane, It’s Superman! Audiences will be taken “up, up and away” with this musical production following the tale of the Man of Steel’s efforts to defeat a vengeful scientist. 

$ Categories: Acting & Theater, Music Ages: 6 – 8 Years, 9 – 12 Years

Sunday, October 7

The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum , Cincinnati

Mowgli is a lost boy in the Indian Jungle who makes lots of friends (Baloo the Bear, Bagheera the panther), but also powerful enemies (Shere Khan the tiger). This Playhouse in the Park production of Rudyard Kipling’s classic story will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end. 

RSVP $ Categories: Acting & Theater Ages: 6 – 8 Years, 9 – 12 Years

Friday, October 12

Happening thru:

Mason High School , Mason

Follow Tarzan’s jungle journey as he monkey’s around and learns of his human instincts when he encounters creatures more like himself. You will find yourself captivated by songs written by Phil Collins during this Disney inspired musical. 

$ Categories: Acting & Theater Ages: All ages

Finneytown Performing Arts Center , Cincinnati

Your families jaws will drop when they see the 4 time Guinness Book of World Record holders, the Kamikaze Fireflies perform their vaudeville show. The duo will spin in gigantic metal cubes, juggle, walk on stilts, breathe fire and perform other daring stunts. 

$$ Categories: Acting & Theater Ages: All ages

Sunday, October 14

Clifton United Methodist Church, Cincinnati

Teach your children the importance of not exaggerating the truth with this classic Brothers Grimm fairytale performed by the Frisch Marionettes. 

$ Categories: Acting & Theater Ages: All ages

Saturday, October 20

Happen Inc.

Bring your kids out for Halloween themed puppet acts presented by the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild, then watch a puppet parade and create sock puppets of your own.

Categories: Acting & Theater, Seasonal/Holiday Ages: All ages

Sunday, October 21

Happening thru:

Scheben Branch, Union

In a fast-paced retelling of the beloved story, Mowgli comes face-to-face with sneaky monkeys, noisy vultures and his mortal enemy: the tiger, Shere Khan. Please register for 1 of 2 showings.

Categories: Acting & Theater, Library Events Ages: All ages

Tuesday, October 23

Happening thru:

Aronoff Center , Cincinnati

From his journey to find a golden ticket to his tour of Willy Wonka’s magical chocolate factory, Charlie Bucket sure has a sweet journey. This everlasting showstopper will be a delectable treat for the whole family! 

$$ Categories: Acting & Theater Ages: All ages

Friday, November 2

Fairfield Community Arts Center , Fairfield

Is your name Harry? Or Sam? Or could it be Rumpelstiltskin? This musical retells this classic tale of the miller’s daughter, her boastful father, a handsome prince and the ability to spin straw into gold. Discover the magic and wonder of one of the world’s best loved fairytales. Presented by TCT on Tour. 

$ Categories: Acting & Theater Ages: All ages

Friday, February 1

Fairfield Community Arts Center

Be amazed by Mark Nizer as he juggles a burning propane tank, a running electric carving knife and a 16 pound bowling ball. This juggling show is sure to make your jaw drop.     

$ Categories: Acting & Theater Ages: All ages

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