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With school back in session, your children are busy learning something new every day. You can keep the learning going and help cultivate your child’s curiosity by exploring hands-on, educational STEM programs.   STEM based learning focuses on Science-Technology-Engineering- and Math; it opens up your child’s mind to explore what is, and what could be…. Read more »

Does My Child Have a Learning Disability?


The school year started out great, but now your child is struggling. What happened? He doesn’t quite understand the new concept, he’s definitely down in the dumps, avoiding his homework … you’re at a loss.    When teachers start getting into their curriculum, things move fast. If a child gets behind, it can be difficult… Read more »

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After School Solutions


 When school lets out, nearly 14 million middle and high school students are on their own, according to the Young Adult Library Services Association. With several unsupervised hours at a tween’s or teen’s disposal, it’s easy to see why juvenile crime and experimentation with drugs or alcohol is at its highest between 3 and 6… Read more »

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Secrets of Top Students


The contribution of parents is crucial to a top performing kid: set high standards and hold your kids to them. Encourage, but let them do their own work. Impress upon them the responsibility … and watch them deliver.

Enrichment is Everything!


From music to martial arts, education beyond the classroom keeps young minds engaged. Educators and parents are in agreement: It’s not good for children to be glued to the TV every afternoon. They take on a glazed-over and dazed appearance when staring at the tube too long. Eventually, inertia sets in, and kids become whiny… Read more »

The New Kid in School


It’s not easy being new to a school and community. Help your child cope during the transition. The preceding years had been tough ones for Linda. After a year-long battle with cancer, her husband died. When she finally felt ready to begin dating, a chance reunion with Sam, her high school sweet-heart, unexpectedly led to… Read more »

Hi-tech Cheating


Cheating in school is not a new phenomenon, but the methods kids are using have changed. In an age when cell phones and the Internet are readily available, children are discovering new and ingenious ways to cheat.

Now Learning


In striving for better grades or holding onto good ones, high expectations – and sometimes the rigors of testing in schools – make learning centers important to parents and kids.

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