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Education: Elementary School

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It’s Greek to Me


“Parlez vous Francais?” “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” “ÀHabla Espanol?” If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, you probably have a few opinions about the value of learning a second language. If you can’t, you may be like me, wondering what went wrong in those accumulated five years of Spanish classes, or like many… Read more »

PROJECT PROTECT: It’s a Bummer Being Bullied


When I was 11, kids in my class steered clear of Quentin Tacker, the sixth-grade bully. Quentin was notorious for being the meanest kid at school. His targets often had their lunch money stolen, got stuffed in lockers, beaten up, threatened, intimidated, you name it. In retrospect, it was really quite amazing how one kid… Read more »

Public Schools


Change is never easy, as Pedro Garcia has discovered. Amid rumors that he wants to do away with recess and kindergarten naps, the new Metro Nashville Public Schools superintendent has steadily and systematically begun to change the way Nashville educates its children.

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