Education: Elementary School

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Secrets of Top Students


The contribution of parents is crucial to a top performing kid: set high standards and hold your kids to them. Encourage, but let them do their own work. Impress upon them the responsibility … and watch them deliver.

The Magic of Montessori


A Montessori education brings independence, confidence, curiosity and an eagerness to learn. Is this unique option right for your child?

The Power of The Teacher


Parents know how key a single teacher can be in their child’s education, but schools say the best outcome for kids is the result of a group effort.

10 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Education


There’s always lots of griping going on about what’s wrong with education, but truth be told, what happens at home directly impacts what happens at school. How you raise your child is the key factor to how he will fare educationally. Here are 10 things you can do NOW to help your child.   SLEEP… Read more »

Help for Homework


Make your home a pleasant “school” when it comes to homework, so everyone gets in on the learning.   Sometimes there’s no end to the supply of tricky spelling words that must be learned each week. That’s what you may be thinking mid year in the middle of homework with your child on any given… Read more »

Managing Educational Challenges


When your child has a learning disability, you really need to know what to expect and what to do so she can succeed.   Every child struggles from time to time — perhaps it’s with reading comprehension, or math skills, or even verbal communication.  However, as a parent or teacher, how can you tell if… Read more »

Fast Track to Memorization


When your child struggles to learn concepts, find surprising success by turning those concepts into playful ditties! How did you learn to spell Mississippi?  The old rhythm comes right back to you, doesn’t it?  Learning facts by using a rhythm or rhyme has been a part of schooling since the beginning. This idea began to… Read more »

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